After a car accident or other incident that causes an injury, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the details of caring for your family, paying your bills, dealing with legal issues, and trying to recover physically. However, you don’t have to go through this time alone; a personal injury attorney can help you deal with your situation in several different ways. Here are 5 of them.

1. Dealing With Mediation

In some cases, the defendant may offer you a lump sum so you won’t pursue the matter further in court. Your attorney can take the settlement offer and compare it to what you’d likely get if you took the matter before a judge. He or she will advise you to accept (or refuse) the offer depending on your other options. A personal injury attorney can also negotiate or go into mediation on your behalf – with the defendant’s attorneys or even the insurance company – to increase any settlement offer you may receive.

These are just some of the ways your personal injury attorneys can help you in case of an injury or accident. Are you currently considering whether you need an attorney?

2. Handling the Court Case

If your case ends up in court, your attorney will know the best way to present your information to the judge and jury to win your case. Attorneys also understand the rules of the courtroom and can make sure that they’re followed while presenting your evidence. There are many intricacies that you may not be aware of in the courtroom.

3. Working With Evidence Collection

To pursue damages, it’s crucial to collect evidence proving the injury or accident happened the way that you said it did. You may need witness statements, photographs, hospital and doctors’ notes, and police reports to prove your case. If you go to court, you will need subpoenas for these witnesses. Your attorneys will understand what information you need to establish your case, and they can make sure you have the necessary supporting evidence.

4. Dealing With the Legalities

Each state has its own set of laws regarding accidents and your rights. A personal injury attorney can explain the laws in your state and let you know whether you can file a suit in your jurisdiction. For instance, you may be able to hold an owner responsive for injuries from a dog bite; however, about half of the states in the US have strict liability laws where owners have to pay according to whether they knew the dog was dangerous or not. An attorney can straighten out the potentially complex laws from your state.

5. Settling With Your Insurance Company

Settling With Your Insurance Company

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Conversations with your insurance company can be tedious and stressful after an accident. Insurance policies may be technical and you may not understand what your actual rights are. Your insurance company might ask for more information that may be difficult to obtain in your physical condition. These companies may also deny your initial claim, which could require additional effort and negotiations. If you lived in the Carrollton area, for instance, personal injury attorney in Carrollton could clarify your rights and work with the company to ensure you get a fair deal.