The crime rate in Ottawa, Ontario has been controlled to a very significant extent. However, there are still many hideous criminal activities going on and many people take their criminals to court to deal with the crime. Sometimes the victims of the crime and their family, or the criminal and the convicted person make mistakes while dealing with the police or while answering the questions asked by the press and media. Any statement during this time matters a great deal, thus any mistake or confusion in the statements can turn the case upside down. Here are some tips provided by some Ottawa criminal lawyers on how to deal with the police and media.

Some Guidelines Provided By The Best Ottawa Criminal Lawyers

Dealing with the Police

If you are victim of a crime, the criminal or the one who is falsely accused of committing the crime, you are all involved in it. As followed by a criminal report, the police go around investigating the crime and ask some questions from those involved. If the person thought to have carried out the crime is questioned, he is usually threatened by the police to cooperate and answer all their questions or sometimes even asked to admit his crime. The lawyers ask the accused individuals to refrain from answering any sort of questions. They tell them to be bold rather than being scared due to the atmosphere inside the police station. They ask the accused people to instead of answering any questions, they should just ask the officer to call for their lawyer and provide them the details of their attorney.

Dealing with the Public

The criminal lawyer law in Ottawa requires a confidentiality agreement to be maintained between the accused person and their attorney. A confidentiality agreement prohibits the accused person from sharing any sort of information regarding the crime with anyone, be it your best friend or mother. The details of the crime should only be saved for sharing with the lawyer. After one has been accused, he is followed around everywhere and his actions are observed. It may also happen that the person whom you shared your information with, would be made to testify against you in court, thus it’s very important to be cautious and nit slip out any details of the criminal activity to anyone other than your lawyer.

Last of the criminal lawyer Ottawa urge the accused person to share all the details with him so that the lawyer knows his clients shortcomings and prepare a solid defense for him accordingly. If things are hidden by a client, from his lawyer then his case may not be well-built.