Many states are legalizing the use of cannabis, but the federal government still considers it a crime. Keeping yourself safe from prosecution means that you need to know how to protect yourself. Here are some tips to help keep yourself safe from being persecuted for your legal use of cannabis.

Know Local Laws

Each state has a slightly different version of the law when it comes to your ability to use cannabis. There may even be slightly different nuances that need to be considered from city to city. Familiarize yourself with the local laws before you decide to travel to these locations or even use in your own home. This will help to safeguard you against having to fight a legal battle for some small infraction.

Search out Locations

If you plan on traveling to one of the states that have legalized cannabis, ensure that your accommodations will allow you to use while staying in them. For example, find 420-friendly vacation travel rentals so that you won’t have to worry about experiencing a problem while you’re enjoying your vacation. These kind of accommodations are more accepting of the use of cannabis and are able to provide you with a better experience during your stay with them.

Keep it Under Wraps

Carrying a small amount of cannabis is the best bet when it comes to deciding to use in any location. Another thing to consider is having the product on you while you’re crossing over state lines. This could still be considered a federal crime, especially if the state that you’re passing through hasn’t taken steps to legalize cannabis use. It may also be in your best interests to ensure that you have a valid prescription so that you can’t be hassled by a local police department.

Use Discreetly

Some cities only allow you to smoke cannabis in the privacy of your own home or in an area that can’t be viewed by the general public. Using discreetly will help you to avoid any unwanted attention so that you can enjoy it without having to worry about being persecuted. This doesn’t mean that you need to hide inside and feel as though you’re committing a crime. Just use some common sense and avoid being too public when it comes to your personal cannabis use.

There are still stigmas that exist around the use of cannabis whether you’re in a state that has legalized it or not. Use these tips so that you can avoid persecution and any legal troubles surrounding your use.