Ever since its inception, Roposo has been drastically revolutionizing fashion for the Indian women and men. Yet, the predominant membership on the site is noticed to be by women. With millions of active members and users, it is on its way to becoming one of the leading online fashion platforms in the country. Roposo has been recognised for putting forward 100% fashion related solutions for professionals and ladies, by the fashion loving and fashion ruling crowd. The queens and kings of fashion are putting forward the most off beat ideas and tutorials to help all the fashionistas spruce up their sense of fashion and a lot more.

Who is a Style Diva?

A Diva is someone who is comfortable in her own skin and is outstandingly talented; in this case someone who has the upper hand on style and fashion, any given time of the day, month or year. A diva is not, someone who follows trends blindly. She has it in her to mould style according to her and still look the best and stand out of the crowd.

How To Become The Next Style Diva On Roposo

What is the Best Place to Showcase your Talent?

The best place for an Indian Diva right now is on Roposo. Roposo gives you immense power to make great impact to the lives of a number of upcoming divas. But as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Becoming the ext style diva on Roposo can be one of the most dedicated tasks in hand. Proving certain credentials and living up to a number of expectations, will surely help you become the next big style diva on Roposo, the site that is God of fashion. Here are a few things you can do, to get that much desired position.

  • Create a Profile on Roposo

The very first step to establishing yourself as a big style diva, includes, you creating a profile on Roposo. Only when you have a running account on the site, can you start with posting valuable content, videos, images and a lot more. Once you have an account, it becomes easier to connect to other people and attract attention to your ideas and posts.

  • Believe in Yourself and Give your Inner Diva a Chance to Blossom

There are a number of talented individuals out there, who are mighty talented. The only thing that stands between them and fame is their own low level of confidence, which holds them back from putting their thoughts and opinions out in the front and for everyone to see. In case that you too fall under this category, the first thing, you need to do is start believing in yourself and work on that confidence level. A better level of confidence, teamed with your talent, will allow you to let that Diva in you blossom like never before.

  • Keep Your Ideas Neat and Simple

People are lazy. Trust me, not everyone is looking forward to spending hours in front of the mirror or in the shopping mall (however strange might it sound). People are looking for easy and less time consuming ways to look great. You give it to them and you are a living Diva for all of them. Put forwards simple tips and tricks, which will give your followers step by step guidance to easy look good style secrets.

  • Give Them Something New, Give Them Something Fun

Your followers do not need you to tell them the same things that they have been hearing from others before. They want something new, something off track and something that will intrigue them. Maybe some trendsetting hairstyle idea, maybe your take on the best lip cream, maybe your favourite simple mehndi designs design – anything! The trick here is to make them curious and hold their attention for the longest time. This can be achieved by putting forward unique, new and fun ideas for them to try. Make sure these tips are tested and result driven. Post some fun pictures to prove your point too.

  • Most Importantly be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

A diva is comfortable with who they are. They don’t worry if they don’t have that hourglass figure. They are east bothered of their skinny neck line or those bulges around the waist. A dive loves her body as it is and works with what she has to create a positive body look for her. This is the kind of knowledge you need to be imparting to your followers. Post tutorials on dressing right for different body shapes, or how to accessorise right and you are all set to becoming the next bog diva on Roposo.

The aim here is not only to grab the utmost attention. The aim here is to help a bunch of people up their style quotient, with the help of little things. Fashion is not only the clothes you wear, the makeup you put on, or the jewellery you love. Fashion is who you are and how you carry yourself. Be the Diva you always wanted to be.