As a trucker, you may spend long hours or several days at a time on the road. Your truck’s carriage space has to act like a second home for you in many respects. Living on the road doesn’t have to make you feel like a wandering hermit, however, and you can still feel right at home within your own cab. Whether you are driving your vehicle or sleeping in it at a rest stop, there are a few ways you can make this space more personal and comfortable to fit your needs.

Pocket Pets

While some truckers will get a dog to help remind them to pull over and move around a bit every day, not all truckers are up to the time and financial responsibilities that come with a dog in the cab. Still, many may want that sense of companionship on their drives, as well as something to care for to help motivate them throughout the day. A rat, gerbil, or mouse can meet these needs perfectly. While they are called “pocket pets” by many, they are not really meant to live in a pocket and require their own cage and setup. Even so, these small rodents have very minimal care needs, especially when purchased in pairs to keep one another busy and will be social in being handled for 10-15 minutes a day. These warm-blooded animals are hardier in variable cab temperatures than reptiles and can do a great deal to combat loneliness and feelings of isolation on a long drive.

Choose Comfortable Seating

You may have to drive several hours per day or night in your truck. The type or model of seat you choose can have a big impact on how comfortable you are on the job or how homey the cab space feels. Not only does this impact your comfort level, but it can impact your health if you are getting knots in your muscles or pain in your back from an uncomfortable seat. Your truck carriage will have standard seats, but a selection of ISRI seats can change your on-the-job comfort level completely. These seats are available in a variety of styles that include features such as backrest adjustment, mechanical suspension, and heated cushions. Heating options are especially important if you have poor blood circulation, as this will stimulate blood flow while you are sitting in the same position all day.

Install a Cooler

Fresh produce may not seem like a necessity for the trucking life, but it is a necessity for your health. Many with busy schedules and work on the road may fall prey to living mostly off of what can be provided by fast-food chains and packaged goods. However, having a cooler put into your trucking cab can help you circumvent the struggles of keeping fresh produce available. Fresh fruits provide valuable energy and nutrients that will help you stay awake and alert during your drive, and vegetables keep your blood clean and prevent sluggishness and lethargy. This is especially essential when you spend long hours sitting in a driver’s seat and is much more cost effective than fast food, as well. While you shouldn’t turn away from the occasional rewarding treat, the fast majority of your diet should consist of fresh, whole foods if you want to maintain your health. Hot plates can also be used for when you want cooked vegetables or hot soups without the ever-increasing levels of sodium that restaurants add.

Explore Your Own Style

The truck carriage doesn’t have to be a cold, blank space with no sense of your personality. You can help make it a home away from home by putting up some decorations on the dashboard that reflect your interests. Even something cheap from a dollar store like plastic dinosaurs, glow-in-the-dark stars and planets, and hanging mobiles of glass beads can add visual variety and a sense of personalization to your space. This will help greatly with your sense of pride in your space as well as create an atmosphere of mental acuity that will prevent drowsiness or a tired mind.

A truck carriage can start to feel like a small, monotonous space after some time. However, there are several ways you can turn it into an area that really shows your own sense of style and maximizes your comfort level. Try a few of the tips outlined above and see what works for you, and you’ll be certain to feel much more rewarded in your daily drive.