The sixteen GB model I received prices roughly $370, considerably undercutting the iPhone and Alternative humanoid devices geared toward the premium market. Its specs roughly match the MI four Xiaomi discharged last summer however with an even bigger screen and battery, and second SIM slot. Sadly the phone doesn’t support LTE within the U.S; therefore i used to be cursed Wi-Fi and 2G cellular For testing.

In real-world usage, the flower 801 system-on-a-chip that powers the MI Note handled each task I threw At it. I may jump between Twitter, video, streaming music, and browsing the net while not a dip in Performance —that’s turning into less spectacular with every generation of mobile hardware.

The thirteen megapixel camera on the MI Note is best than your average camera on AN humanoid Phone, I would still offer the iPhone six and the sting in overall quality once victimization it for a number Of days in numerous things. Thereupon aforesaid, i like the camera app, that incorporates a Straightforward three-pane style that allows you to quickly modification settings or apply filters and find Back to shooting. With its glass front and back (and metal rim), the MI Note feels like AN iPhone from AN alternate Dimension wherever Apple determined to stay with the design of the 4/4s rather than covering the Rear of its phones with atomic number 13. It’s improbably light-weight and skinny whereas still feeling Sort of a solid, premium device. If it were to return to the u. s., it might be competitive with the 2014 Moto X, that starts at solely $20 additional on-contract.

I’d say it’s very unlikely we have a tendency to ever get this specific model within the U.S. whereas Xiaomi proclaimed at its media making known that its e-commerce web site can launch within The u. S. later this year, they conjointly expressly declared they won’t bring any of their current phones Or tablets.

Between the potential of lawsuits over property from Apple and Microsoft to the advantage carrier Subsidies offer to pricier phones, it’s simply not the proper time for Xiaomi to shift its focus from Additional obvious opportunities in China and India. However supported my initial extended use, I’d be Happy to allow a Xiaomi phone an endeavor after they eventually do create it over to Western markets.