Samsung smartphones are passing from the deep improvements; you can notice this in the recent launches Samsung Galaxy S6 and previous Samsung Galaxy S5. There are enough hardware changes and design, but from the front both looks similar, although Galaxy S6 is featuring the metal body and Galaxy S5 has traditional plastic body and now more metal is going to be the part of the next Galaxy, yes Samsung Galaxy S7 whole body would be made using the high-quality, light weight metal or alloy.

Other interesting things that would make the Samsung Galaxy S7 as the perfect smartphone of 2016 would be its massive hardware specifications like 6GB RAM and 4K resolution display. Also, the software changes would make the Samsung Galaxy S7 a verdict, for example you can expect new and improved set of special S series apps, for example S Finder, which is a comprehensive search engine for the phone, which allows us to locate name applications, phone settings, files, notes, conversations, images, music and videos. Quick Connect lets you connect the phone to nearby devices such as televisions, phones, and tablets through WiFi network. In the Samsung Galaxy S6, now not only can see at the top of the time, date and owner information but also the weather information and the number of steps that have come under the integrated pedometer.

From the lock screen we can also quickly access the camera application through a shortcut on the bottom right of the screen. However, implementation of this shortcut to the camera is not too good and sometimes we think we have activated when in fact we have not dragged the icon enough. The main screen has suffered too many cosmetic changes to the Galaxy S5. By default there are three screens of icons and widgets but we can add more easily. So, you are getting almost everything in the Samsung Galaxy S6, but the upcoming perfect phone Samsung S7 would take it to new improvement level. The main novelty of the main screen in the S6 is My Magazine, a new screen that appears when you drag it right the first screens. My Magazine Flipboard content shows organized by themes selectable by the user – arts and culture, work, remarkable new, news, photos and design, sports, style, technology.

The themes are not very specific, so if you select sports you will receive news of all kinds of sports, including those who do not follow. Luckily when you click on one of these content agree to Flipboard application itself, whose customization options are far superior. In this way, Samsung Galaxy S6 becomes the companion to you, and it brings to the new worlds to explore, and this new world would get new dimensions after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7.