Today, PDF has become one of the most popular file documents. Be it a business establishment, school or college, it used almost everywhere. But, with a number of features, it has some negative aspects as well. It does not allow any edit. And hence, the users of these files cannot make any changes in these files. TIFF is an acronym that stands for Tagged Image File Format. It is a digital image file format and is a favourite of the graphic designers and professional photographers. If you have the special and easy  PDF to TIFF converter tool, you can convert the PDF documents to TIFF file batch.

If you are among those who do not know as to how to convert PDF to Tiff, given below is the tips:

  • Use the Converter
  • There is the facility of installation of the PDF to TIFF converter. All that you need to do is to install the program to your computer device.
  • Now, select the files that you are willing to batch converter to TIFF Format. Select the folder where the files of the PDF are saved from the list in the Select Folder section of the window of the PDF to TIFF Converter.
  • After going through the process mentioned above, highlight a PDF file in the Select File section and click the Add Files button.

After successfully completing the process mentioned above, repeat it for the PDF file you want to convert into TIFF format.

But, if you are among those who do not want to use converter, or you do not have the access to the converter, you need not feel dejected and rejected. There is another method that will nullify the need of the converter.

  • First, open the PDF File.
  • Now, use the selection tool to select the areas that you want to convert from the PDF File to that of TIFF.
  • After, going through the process mentioned above, right click on the area that you have selected. Now, copy the image.
  • Now, open the MS Paint by pressing Windows sign+ R simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • The Run page will open. Now type Command mspaint.
  • Now, press the OK Button.
  • The MS Paint Page will open before you. After the page appears before you, press ctrl+v (shortcut key for paste) together.
  • The selected area of PDF File will be pasted.
  • After pasting the file, you have to save the pasted file.
  • In order to paste the file, press ctrl + s together
  • The moment you press these keys, a dialogue box will appear asking you the save as type.
  • You just have to select TIFF and click on the save button.

Your PDF  file  is now converted into TIFF.