Dining out can often be a major gorge fest. Not only do you have greasy appetizers, you also have huge main courses. After that, you get to feast on rich cakes and other desserts. After a major meal like that, you have basically consumed a day’s worth of calories. If you like to go out to eat a lot, this can be a major problem. Not only will you start packing on the pounds, you may also start to have some major health issues to worry about. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to eat healthy when you dine out – it is all about knowing a few tips and tricks. Here are five tricks for eating healthy when you dine out.

5 Tricks For Eating Healthy When You Dine Out

  1. Don’t eat the table bread – this will free up a lot of calories. Bread can be very fattening. Not only is it full of calories – it is also full of sugars. In fact, as soon as you put bread on your tongue, its sugars are released, which can cause your appetite to be bigger than it is and you may eat more than you intend to.
  2. Avoid eating a greasy appetizer – keep it light. Most appetizers on restaurant menus are greasy and full of fat. This is especially the case when you visit a traditional Italian restaurant – the calamari is coated in a greasy, fried, breaded shell. For this reason, you want to go for appetizers that are light and have vegetables.
  3. Ask for a smaller portion of the meal – there is a good chance the waiter will oblige. There also a good chance that the waiter at the restaurant will recommend a smaller meal if you inquire about healthier items on the menu. Oftentimes, you order a meal and they put a huge portion on your plate. Not only is this fattening – there is a good chance that you won’t eat every bite. By asking for smaller portions, you are eating more healthily and you are not wasting food, which is an added bonus.
  4. Visit a healthier restaurant – you will have a better chance of finding healthier food options on the menu. There is a good chance that your community or neighborhood has a number of options for healthier food, like Naples Flatbread Wine & Bar. Finding these restaurants will be essential if you want to reduce your calorie intake and make healthier choices. Not only will these restaurants have lighter food – the ingredients will be organic and more conscientiously sourced so that you can feel good about what you eat.
  5. Skip dessert – it will be difficult, but necessary if you want to stay healthy. Indeed, many people may be opposed to skipping dessert, but if you eat a big healthy meal, you may not even want dessert. If you have a major sweet tooth, it will be even harder to give up. However, if you really want to change your habits and make healthier choices, skipping dessert should be at the top of your priority list.