The MobiKwik mobile app is available free for downloading by anyone. The revenue model of Mobikwik is really simple. Mobikwik makes money every time any customer buys a service or a product using MobiKwik Wallet on the MobiKwik app as well as on merchant locations.
Most E-Commerce merchants in India offer a variety of payment options, which is extremely confusing for the user and also makes the experience very inconsistent. All the Users are required to make a number steps to realize that an online payment, which often results in low-payment success rate as well as consumer apathy, especially on mobile devices.

The MobiKwik Wallet enhances this mobile or online payment experience by permitting users to add money up to the limit of Rs. 50,000 to a prepaid Wallet with the help of net banking, debit card, credit card, And Cash Pay which is a service to pick up the cash from user once and after that use the Wallet for many more transactions such as for Mobikwik online recharge, for bill payments and currently even for shopping on third party merchant websites, all in just one click. By reducing the number of steps that is taken to make a payment, the success rate of any online transaction increases very significantly. This is possible only because this does not involve any bank account or credit or debit cards.

The MobiKwik wallet is also beneficial on various other accounts. It is fast, secure, convenient and most importantly it guarantees almost 100% transaction success rate even on the mobile devices. AT present there are more than 500 merchants who accept MobiKwik payments. They focus on categories like E-Commerce, ticketing, travel and any other form of recurring payments. By Using MobiKwik app on smart phones, users can now buy offers and products in a number of categories.

When you are using the MobiKwik Wallet with a payment transaction on a partner merchant you can also get exciting cash back into MobiKwik Wallet. MobiKwik aims to complete its hopes of providing a simple and convenient way to pay using your mobile phone. Mobikwik has started the concept of a digital wallet in 2009, which was way before any other E-Commerce company even thought about it. Now, they are planning to extend the scale of the MobiKwik Wallet across the mobile apps as well as the web. They also plan to launch some other services such as a bill payment option or an option for movie booking on the mobile device or even ordering a pizza when you do not have cash in hand. The Mobikwik Wallet will also help you to pay any person at anyplace and at any time.

MobiKwik has also announced important upgrades to its Android App to enhance the user experience. The MobiKwik Android app Version 4.2 now has enhanced security features.

It also has the Cash Pay feature within the Mobile App itself. MobiKwik has also mentioned that the security upgrades in the mobile app provides a means to safeguard the money in the Mobikwik wallet in case of loss or theft of the mobile handset. The security of the wallet has also been increased by a second layer of authentication and the ability to remotely wipe out the entire app data. The upgrades also include Remote Detonation. With the help of this feature it is now possible to secure the Mobikwik Wallet remotely and also prevent any misuse of money present in the wallet if your mobile device is either lost, or stolen or simply left behind. To trigger this remote detonation feature, the user just needs to send an SMS from an alternate number that is provided by them. The Remote detonation feature logs the user out of the application and at the same time wipes out all the private data in the app such as the transaction history. The other new feature in the app is the Transaction lock. This feature permits the user to set up a 6 digit PIN code which needs to be entered by the user before the Mobikwik wallet money can be used within the MobiKwik Android app.