This winter, show off your fashionable side with some of the hot new trends in women’s footwear. Whether looking for shoes for a night out or some sensible shoes to wear throughout the day, there are some great styles available this winter to suit any needs. Comfort and fashion meet this year so shoes can be worn during the day and into the evening.

Women's Footwear: The 3 Most Fashionable Shoes For Winter

Sensible, yet Trendy

Looking to get through that long work day on your feet while still looking sharp? This is an issue especially for nurses, who want to look great and feel comfortable all day. For example, the Alegria Shoe Shop is right on trend with the clog look while also being comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. The simplicity of this particular shoe is great to match any outfit, whether it be during or after a long work day. For the winter months, these are one of the most fashionable shoes for professionals, such as nurses, to wear.

Ankle Booties

Booties are big for this winter with good reason. They have just enough height to wear in the snow while keeping the feet warm, while simultaneously being low enough to show off legs. There are several styles of ankle booties, from a zipped front to a stiletto. This is another comfortable fashionable shoe because the bootie aspect of the shoe really gives the ankle extra support throughout the day. These are also popular because they can be worn with pants and skirts alike, they are very versatile.

Chunky Heeled Footwear

Going along with other trends this winter, a throwback in footwear and popular again. Chunkier heels were popular in the late ’90s and have certainly made their return. These shoes are definitely more comfortable for the feet, due to their stability on the ground. These chunky heels are still able to look stylish and sexy, while they are also sensible. This shoe is another that can go from day to night seamlessly, as it looks professional enough to wear to work.

This winter, comfort is in style. The fashions have clearly turned in a reasonable direction. This gives professionals who have to spend the day on their feet a chance to also feel as if they are dressing in style. The stability of the three most fashionable shoes for winter is appealing to all women, because of the versatility of the available shoes.