Woolworths is one of South Africa’s foremost retail stores, it was established in 1931 and was founded by Max Sonnenberg and his sons, Richard and Fred Kossuth. Woolworths currently operates as clothing stores, a food stores; some of the stores are attached to Engen Petrol Stations and some stores have an in-store restaurants. In addition, Woolworths has 51 franchise stores in Africa and the Middle East with 69 South African franchises nationwide.

About Working For Woolworths In South Africa

If you are looking to join retail, here are some interesting Woolworths’ vacancies apart from typical retail positions such as being a cashier.

–       Department Manager: Retail Store

A Department Manager (Retail Store) at Woolworths can expect to earn anything from ZAR130, 297 – ZAR247,569 per annum.

–       System Analyst

Of course a giant retail franchise store requires the expertise of a Systems Analyst, and anyone in this position can expect to earn around ZAR280, 000 per annum.

–       Merchandise Planner

A Merchandise Planner can expect to earn around ZAR277, 000 as this is a pivotal role in a franchise as large as Woolies.

–       Food Technologist

A Food Technologist is required to ensure that the quality of food available at Woolworths meets the standard people have come to expect from the food stores. Employees in this position can expect to earn around ZAR304, 000.

–       Retail Sales Assistant

In junior position such as this, an employee can expect to earn around ZAR40, 700 per annum; this is also an important role in ensuring that daily operations run smoothly.

–       Retail Store Manager

A retail store manager is also tasked with a range of duties to ensure that each store runs smoothly, and they usually earn around ZAR251, 000.

In 2015, Woolworths was declared the Best Store in Customer Care in line with the South African Customer Index. Woolworths’ employees also report being satisfied with their jobs at the franchise and the store is an economic driver in the retail industry. The store also operates online offering a delivery service which is quite efficient; this means that further job opportunities are created for professional delivery drivers. An interesting aspect about Woolworths is that female employees make up 54% of the company’s workforce and males make up 46%.