When you buy a Vita Talalay mattress, you are buying one of the most revered and respected makes on the market. However, even the Vita Talalay model can be improved with the help of some of the official add-ons that exist. When used, these can add an extra touch of protection, longevity and comfort to the mattress. While not essential in any way, each of these Vita Talalay latex mattress add-ons are well worth taking the time to investigate. You might just find they offer you all the help that you could need in making your excellent experience just perfect.

Mattress Toppers

One of the big products that are produced to go alongside your Vita Talalay latex mattress, though, is the mattress topper. Designed to work as part of your latex mattress itself, these have become incredibly popular additions to all bed owners. Why?

  • These offer a strong and effective level of support and firmness to the old Vita Talalay mattress. While already excellently made and durable, this ensures that it has even more lifespan left in it every time that you lie down.
  • These also make sure that your mattress underneath is never going to become damaged or dirty. This protects it from all kinds of damage, from spilled juice to melted chocolate. This helps to make sure that your mattress feels better, is even more secure, and stays in the finest shape possible.
  • Thanks to this, then, you can enjoy a much longer lifespan from your Vita Talalay mattress. While made to be a product for life if you keep them in fine condition, this ensures that you can get even more lasting power out of your mattress.

With that in mind, then, you should look to invest in a Vita Talalay mattress topper as soon as you can. They make an excellent addition to help bring your mattress up to an even higher standard.


The other must-have option for your Vita Talalay mattress is the pillows to go with it. Having become the must-have extra to give every part of the bed that extra level of comfort and support, owning this is a no-brainer. What you will soon find with these pillows, then, is that they offer:

  • A greater level of ventilation. When sleeping at night, you can find that your pillows can make it quite hard to breathe if they are too soft. This finds the right level of firmness, offering pillows that stay cool, that never wrap around you too much, and maintain great levels of comfort.
  • Extremely easy to care for and wash. These pillows are made to be easily washed and maintained, meaning that they stay nice and hygienic. They are also far easier to maintain hygienic in the first place given that they ensure that our bodies can maintain a safe and sound sleeping experience.

Overall, these are very supportable and easy to work with pillows. Alongside the mattress toppers, they add yet another layer of enjoyment, class and comfort to your pillows, and very much deserve your time and effort.

If you already own the Vita Talalay, then investing in the add-ons is a no-brainer!