Car is among the biggest expenses in the family. However, with the car purchase, we will also need to spend more on gas, maintenance, car washes and others. Car insurance is another thing that we need to consider. In this case, we should try to shop around. Many people tend to stick only one insurance company. However, we may not know whether we can trust the company. However, in modern market, there are many insurance companies that compete with one another. It means that we should get greater savings. As an example, allows us to compare quotes with different insurance companies.

Some companies that provide home insurance also provide car insurance. In this case, they should be able to offer lower rates across the board. Over the longer term, we will save more money. We should actively ask about special discounts. It should be considered as an easy step. All we need to do is to give an insurance company a call and ask whether we can get special discounts.

For some good reasons, some of the discounts are not advertised publicly. These discounts won’t be given to anyone who doesn’t ask. There are special discounts associated with alarm installations, low mileage drivers, good scores in defensive driving courses, good student grades, good driving records and multiple policy holder.

Decrease auto deductible

This can be somewhat tricky. However, it is recommended that we go as low as possible on our deductible. This is especially true if we have liquid savings that we may tap into during an accident. The car insurance rates can be much lower if we have lower deductible.

Keep up a good driving record

This should be considered a common sense and we shouldn’t even struggle to do this. As an example, we may need to twist our head more often, drive more slowly and obey the speed limit. Accidents typically happen when we are impatient. We should keep our overall risk profile low.

Improve credit score

It should be quite simple, we need to properly manage our money. In this case, we should pay our credit cards and mortgage in full each month. These simple details will go a long way. It is also essential to regularly check our credit score.

Drive less exciting cars

Many people don’t want to choose less exciting cars, because them consider them as boring. However, high profile cars will result in higher insurance rates. As an example, cars with high performance engine and two-door designs can have a real impact on the insurance rates. Drive a black civic, instead of a red corvette.

Reduce our overall coverage

Many types of coverage are not really necessary. Our car insurance could be a bit comprehensive and we don’t realize it. As an example, if we have an older car, a comprehensive insurance policy won’t make sense. This is one thing that we need to consider.

Choose group discounts

Often, we are able to obtain special deals through banks and credit unions. We may need to ask professional organizations, local financial institutions and employers about this.