It barely takes long before we get rumors touching on flagship Smartphones emerging form reputable manufacturers in the Smartphone’s market. As such, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now the center of these rumors. It’s hardly a year ago, when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 went on sale yet, eyes are now turning to its much hyped about successor, the Galaxy Note 4. This explains why there have been so much news, reviews as well as rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This article seeks to find out the latest news and rumors about its release date, the cons as well as look into the specs that the phablet is expected to have.

Size  of the Screen

As it has been the case in the last several years, Samsung has continually increased the size of the screen of each and every new phone at least by 0.2 inches. Initially, the original Samsung Galaxy had a 5.3 inch screen. One year later the screen display increased to 5.5 inches. In the year 2013, the company further increased the size of the screen to 5.7 inches. Fans are now expecting that Samsung might break the tradition and introduce a 5.9 inch screen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. However, Samsung might also resolve to stick to the 5.7 inches screen found in Galaxy Note 3.

Why Galaxy Note 4 Would Be The Best Phablet Of The Year 2014


One of the much speculated things about this gadget is with no doubt the price. For now, very little has been told about the price of Galaxy Note 4.  However, if the previous launches are anything to go by, then the price will stay around the price of Galaxy Note 2 and 3.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have a 64 bit processor. This goes a long way to show that the performance of these android Smartphone-phablets is only headed to be better. In addition, Samsung recently confirmed to fans that it was working on 64- bit processors for all handsets they intend to release in 2014. Fans can therefore expect greater performance once this phablet is launched.


If the latest reports and rumors are anything to go by, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come with a slimline 16 megapixel rear facing camera. In addition, the camera will feature an optical stabilizer technology. Also worth noting is the fact that Samsung intends to make use of ISOCELL technology that will see to it that major improvements have been made on low-light photo quality. Color reproduction and sharpness is also expected to be greatly improved with this kind of technology.

Other than the ability to take exceptional photos in low light, the phablet is expected to have an anti-shake feature which will ensure that videos will be viewed as though a tripod was used when taking them. Better still; the camera will be able to correct angular errors of up to 1.5°. This is unlike the case in digital cameras where, only errors of up to 0.7° can be fixed. This means that, everyone in love with photography has a reason to smile with this highly anticipated gadget.

Fingerprint Technology

Considering the fact that Samsung Galaxy note 3 has no fingerprint technology, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is likely to incorporate fingerprint sensors. This security enrichment will see to it that hackers are not able to operate the device in the event that it is stolen. This way, its users will be able to enjoy added security.

Multi Window Feature

It is also expected that an improved multi window feature will enable users to carry out several tasks on the same window with no particular screen transitions.

Wireless Charging

How about charging a Smartphone while it’s still tucked in the pockets? This is something that will definitely resonate with most Smartphone users. Rumors have it that Samsung is seriously looking into a wireless charging technology whereby, magnetic resonance will be used. This means that, the Smartphone will not necessarily need to be connected to the source for it to power up. As long as the user is within a certain distance, then they can expect the charge flow to reach the device.

However, even with the wide range of expected specs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to borrow some design features from its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 such as the faux leather rear cover. Also worth noting is the fact that the phablet will have its fair share of cons. Therefore, users need to know of some of the things they may not be happy with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Here is a list of the things that the customers may have to deal with as far as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is question.

  • To begin with, the device may be highly priced. Given the many added features that the device is expected to come with, it is also expected that one will part with quite some bucks to get it. However, if the speculated specs are anything to go by, one can be sure that the money they spend on the device will be worth it. It will therefore still make sense to spare some bucks for the device come September 2014.
  • Secondly, the device will not be pocket-able. In addition, the size may be too big hence pulling it out will not always be easy. However, one will be able to do quite a lot with it. In addition, it will be lightweight so carrying it in your bag won’t give you problems.
  • Also worth noting is the fact that when you connect the Galaxy Note 4 to the desktop, it will be not possible to get an iTunes experience as it is the case with other android devices.

Release Date

So, when exactly do we expect Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to hit the stores? Well, going by the previous launches, this phablet is expected to hit the stores in September 2014.