The ear piercing news in the Samsung world today is overly focused on the Samsung GalaxyNote 4. This comes in as very appealing news for the Samsung NoteSmartphone lovers. It could not be any better so far, with the emerging news of the release of yet another Smartphone by the Samsung Company. For many years now, Samsung has demonstrated a standard and a never dying trend of introducing its Note phones in the market annually.

The Release Date

The oncoming generation is said to be a mind blowing gadget that has left many expectant clients looking forward for the launch of Samsung GalaxyNote 4. Well, just like the trend has always been, the Note phones have got a very large screen display, and it’sdefinitely not going to attract the Samsung S Smartphoneusers.

The highly anticipated Note 4 is expected to come in handy with a gorgeous outlook, as well as highly upgraded features. The features in the previous Note 3 will be present though with a higher upping, and it will also come with more added features. The previously launchedNote3 which attracted a great number of people made a very high and outstanding sale in such a short time.

Millions of orders were made in less than a month and distributed all over the world. This basically tells you that despite the large size of the phone which could be closely referred to as a tablet; there are many clients who religiously await the Note phones. The Samsung Company is therefore looking forward to make even more sales than what was registered in the previous Note 3.

There has been less that Samsung has given in regards to the next generation; the Samsung GalaxyNote 4, but the anticipators have already started spreading rumors about what the Note is expected to look like. With the guzzling rumors, the phablet is mainly expected to be released any day of the first months of 2014 or beyond.

Rumors About Samsung GalaxyNote 4

Expectations of GalaxyNote 4

Samsung has so far done a commendable job, and that makes it even more anticipatory for the oncoming Note 4. With a keen eye on the previousNote 1, Note 2, and Note 3, each of them has ventured into the marked with a superb upgrade. If you look closely at all the Notes, you will attest to it, that each of them bears features that the previous NoteSmartphone lacks. This only cut across the rumors, which though have not been confirmed, could not be so far from the truth.

Note 3 registered an excellent and remarkable improvement from the previous Note 2, and therefore Note 4 will absolutely be far much better that the predecessor. Both the S5 and the Note 4 will be released in the year 2014. S5 will be released inFebruary 2014, and that means that Samsung will give it a hold before releasing Note 4. Note that the two are a make of Samsung, and that means that Samsung cannot release the two at the same time. The two of them have got high expectations of big sales, which makes observers believe that one of them, which in this case is Note 4, will allow the S5 to get first to the market and make sales.

The Samsung GalaxyNote 4 is expected to come with a camera of 16 megapixels with a high resolutionoptical image stabilizer. It is said that, although Samsung has not mentioned who the supplier of the cameras is, the company has already ordered more than a million sets of Cameras for their gadgets!

What are the Expectations of the Features?

Well, not everyone is happy with the already active Note 3. Some blame Samsung for ‘badly set features’ so they say, while others are yet to come into terms with ‘complicated’ settings of the phone. Samsung has already taken the action of addressing some of the complaints posed by the clients, although some reports have highlighted thatmost complaints are from rivals who want to paint a bad picture of the Note releases.

Notice that apart from a few already addressed problems of the phablet, the Note 3 has great features, and this leaves analysts wondering what it will be like for the next flagship. It is expected that Samsung will be more open on what they will be featuring in the next Note, the Samsung GalaxyNote 4.

The charging system of the Note 4 is expected to be insanely great! Look at this. The Samsung GalaxyNote 4 is expected to come with a wireless charging system. You could be operating on your phone, while still having it charge without any plug-ins.Samsung’s greatest rivals the likes of Apple could end up copying this. Reports say that once the charging option is switched on near a charging socket, the charging will begin immediately, automatically, long before you even know it.  This means that the Smartphone will come with such a huge advantage, meaning that the users will have all liberty to use their phones with much convenience.

Picture this! The phablet is expected to come in handy with a resounding memory of 64 GB. How large that is! Notice; a majority of smart phones have not gone anywhere near the memory capacity of 30 GB!It couldn’t be wrong to say that Samsung’s great gadgets come with great features!

The phablet is expected to also come with an edge to edge screen display. If you have noticed, all other smart phones hold a margin in each of the sides. But with the oncoming generation, things are different. The screen is said to touch all edges of the phone. This means that the phablet will be designed that way inorder to usher in multitasking in a much wider way.

What about the price? You might be wondering. With good reasoning, you willagree that extremely good things come with great prices. This only means that the prices of GalaxyNote 4 are expected to be much higher than that of its predecessor, the Note 3.

It’s all up to the Samsung phablet lovers to keep a keen eye in the market, for the release of the GalaxyNote 4.