Carrying out roofing process is one of the most difficult and risky tasks to perform. There are number of number of roofing contractors which commits to provide the best service and assures quality work. However, it gets difficult for homeowner to look for the most efficient roofer in local area. Amidst the number of roof contractor, the potential homeowner looks for certain features and quality. Roofing warranty is one of the essential requirements as it makes one feel confident about their products and ensure that the roofer will carry out the satisfactory task.

However, in case of roofing, it is really important for one to understand how the warranties work as major projects are costly and need to be carried out with utmost skill and care. People who do not have clear idea about the warranties often make wrong perception about it, for instance, if the roofer provides a guarantee of 10 years after carrying out the work but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry for the roof at all for provided amount of time and it comes out as expensive and shocking surprise.

The roofing warranties are categorized in two types depending on two important factors i.e. material and workmanship which determine the quality of roof. Both the influencing factors have their own warranty and cannot be integrated.

  • The warranty of roofing material used to carry out the project is covered under material or manufacturer warranty. If the roofing material supplied comes out to be defective, the materials are completely covered against defects for 50 years, with prorated coverage after that.
  • The other major factor which influences the roofing project is the workmanship. Most of the roofers provide a lifetime warranty of their work which means, in any event, the mistake made by roofers if lead to roof issues, the company will repair the work, reinstall the shingles or refund the cost to their respective client.

What does the roof warranty covers in general?

While roofing warranties protect against defects, some of the works carried out by the roofers requires safety. It is being stated that sloppy work involves higher risk rate and the warranty of workmanship is really important. In case the roofing project is improperly installed and leads to certain leakage, the roofing company would compensate either through work or through refund of money.

However, they do not cover any wear and tear caused in the roof as roof is continuously exposed to environmental elements like rain, snow, and heat which wear it down over time. Moreover, no roofing company guarantees the roof will resist the natural disasters or falling tree limb, destruction made by squirrel and raccoons. If the home suffers any damage due to any act of nature, the homeowner must consult the insurance company as they will only cover the damages caused.

If not weather condition, default material, and improper workmanship is the reason behind the roofing issues, debris can be one of them. The debris on roof if not cleared can start to clog the gutter and lead to improper drainage especially in winter seasons. Hence, a homeowner must give some extra attention to roof care and maintenance. And should also interact about the roofing companies about the terms and conditions applied on the warranty that has been provided. Look for some reputed roof repair Oakland County Michigan to carry out the roofing task for your home as the health of the roof increases the value of home.