If you are like most of the people out there, changing your garage door is probably a big financial step for you and your family. Thus, make sure to invest in something that truly suits your needs (and budget too).

In order to do this, the first thing is to learn what the main types of garage doors are.  Garage Door Repair Belmont has put together some of the best bits of information to help customers learn this – so make sure you read on if you really want to find out more.

Steel Garage Doors

This is probably one of the most common types of doors – and it has become immensely popular precisely because it can provide customers with a lot of benefits. One of them is related to the fact that steel garage doors are more affordable than wooden ones while providing a very wide range of style and color options too. Furthermore, steel garage doors are considered to be very safe and resistant (especially if you choose a door that comes with 2-3 layers of galvanizes steel and a low gauge). Last, but definitely not least, steel doors can be very well-insulated too, which help you keep the heating bill at a minimum.

Wood Garage Doors

Although still quite common, wooden garage doors have lost popularity in front of their steel “brothers” because they are more expensive. Most of the times, people who select wood when it comes to their garage’s door do it because of the aesthetic appeal. Wooden doors look best on Victorian style homes, as well as on rustic, ranch and other types of homes that are less modern. Aside from the fact that the initial price of such a door is quite high (and can go even higher, according to the type of wood you want), you need to take into consideration that these doors require proper maintenance  and painting with regularity as well.

The Main Types Of Garage Doors

Fiberglass and Vinyl Doors

Fiberglass and vinyl garage doors are a more recent invention and provide a wide range of benefits as well. They are great when it comes to insulation and, aside from that; quite amazing when it comes to imitating wood as well. However, they are considered to be a bit more expensive than steel doors, so if you are running on a tighter budget and want to settle for something qualitative, turn to steel instead.

Aluminum Doors

These are the “traditional” doors and are frequently encountered out there. Their main advantage is related to the fact they are rather inexpensive (especially when compared to other types of doors). However, they are not extremely strong and prone to denting. Furthermore, they are very difficult to insulate as well.