Are you planning to have a wedding day in the next few months but then the winter chill is getting worse day by day? Do not get it wrong! The winter wedding can be as beautiful as any other wedding ceremonies in all season. However, we cannot deny that the unpredictable weather and freezing limbs might not be the perfect D-day that comes in your mind. If you still dreaming about that little cute and sexy white dress and sunshine on the day you tie the knot, why not escape the winter gloom to an exotic place where you can enjoy a bright sunny day all the time? Here is the best place to have a summer wedding in the winter that will not make your account bleed in agony.

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

The longest beach in Jamaica is known for its pristine beauty and soft white sands that will make you forget about the winter immediately. It is one of the most famous places for a destination wedding with breathtaking beach line that will make a fantastic background. The Seven Mile Beach is also hosting plenty of resorts, both the most luxurious that you can imagine and the budget-friendly yet comfy ones. You can invite your most important persons here and entertain them with a great view, good food, and authentic reggae band for them to hit the dance floor.

Palawan, Philippines

As an archipelago, The Philippines has a lot of exotic islands with crystal blue ocean and romantic sunset beach. The most expensive thing that you will need to take care of is the plane ticket, but you can have a memorable destination wedding and honeymoon combo that will linger in the mind of your guest forever. The best place to have a tropical wedding is Palawan that is already developed with the beautiful resort for your convenience. Everything is affordable so you do not have to worry about the cost that you have to spend to entertain your guest. Visit the Small Lagoon and El Nino Dock for an exotic beach wedding in the middle of winter.

Bali, Indonesia

Another excellent place for a tropical destination wedding that will make not make your wallet suffer. Bali is a small island in Indonesia that is famous for its white sandy beaches and friendly native people. It is the largest International tourist hub in Indonesia where you can find almost anything with a local touch. There is plenty of beach resort and five-star hotel that offers a private chapel of beach for your holy ceremony. For those who do not want an average beach wedding, you can also experience a tropical highland wedding at Ubud, that has plenty of gorgeous hotels and lush green paddy fields.