Light relief therapy is an extremely helpful pain alleviation treatment used by medical professionals around the world. It has in fact been used to help remedy everything from sore muscles, arthritis, chronic pain, acne and wrinkles. This technological know-how was initially utilized by NASA to enhance healing and cell growth in space and confirmed to improve the natural healing process of the body.

light-relief-infrared-light-therapyLight relief therapy has also been applied to take care of hyperactivity disorder due to attention deficit, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder, jet lag, seasonal affective mood disorder, depression and migraine headaches. It is also being explored to be a possible remedy for pancreas cancer.

Light Relief is really a painless and safe option to other pain relief methods that can get you back again to living your daily life comfortably. It is really a topical light therapy that operates by radiating a warm medical-grade therapeutic infra-red light that deeply penetrates and improves the circulation of blood in the cells to ease any joint/muscle stiffness or pain on the needed area. The comforting flow of LED light which is released isn’t radiation or x-ray and is totally safe.

This scientific wonder works by using infra-red diodes which give relief to the pain. The three distinctive lights are infrared, blue and red, that when flashing operate on the area affected to treat the pain. This thermo-therapy or warmness of the heat therapy can be easily regulated and does not have medical adverse reactions. Nevertheless the guidelines do alert that it’s possible to get burned employing this device.

Light therapy is regarded as safe for treating pain together with other ailments by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Not like discomfort medications, you will find no harmful discomforts or side effects connected with this therapy.

Light relief therapy operates by moving a concise, light and portable gadget with 59 infrared LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) across the distressing part of the body. Infra-red LEDs generate an effective flow of comfortable, remedial light which goes underneath the skin to improve the circulation of blood, loosen up the muscles, and give short-term pain relief.

You may choose among four different frequencies and go for heat if you like. People who have followed instructions and applied light relief from15 to 30 minutes on painful spots for at least two weeks will acquire the best results. Certain cases have noted pain alleviation in just a few days. Light relief is completely silent and should be applied on the skin surface .

Lots of people using light relief therapy have got alleviation from aches and pains like arthritis, tendonitis, muscle spasms, hip and joint pain, as well as back pain. It could well be the simple yet effective source of pain relief for those of you that frequently haven’t reacted very well to other methods of therapy. Should you suffer from chronic discomfort due to reasons like having shoulder and elbow bursitis, sore tendons, aching neuropathy in the feet, aching lower back, having arthritis in your feet, hands or knee etc, it is a good idea that you give this light therapy a try.

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