The AIDS disease in combination with the HIV virus has gone on to be a cause of terror. HIV aids medicine could be a welcome resort at this point of time. Pregnancy does pose a difficult time for the would be mothers and when they have to deal with the issue of a virus the problem does become all the more difficult as well. HIV/aids treatment during pregnancy has made the medical interventions a lot popular and it has gone on to reduce the chance of the baby suffering from the virus as well.

How to Combat AIDs Along With HIV During The Tenure Of Pregnancy

With the help of the HIV virus you do go on to suffer from AIDS. Just as the name suggests it goes on to break down the immune system and gives way to a host of complications as well. A lot of people are of the opinion that AIDS and HIV work out to be the same, but that does not work in that manner. The chances are that a person may be affected with HIV virus for a considerable amount of time. In the midst of all this he might not even have AIDS. You tend to become HIV positive the moment it is found in your blood. It is only after the virus creeps in and the immune system breaks down then you are known to be infected with AIDS. A point to consider here is that it does take a lot of time to reach the stage of AIDS.

Once you come across the fact that the HIV virus does get on to the blood, it goes on to multiply and affect a particular type of white blood cell.  The symptoms might take 3 to 5 days to set in and it is going to last for around 10 days to be precise. Some of the symptoms do include nausea, sweating or pain in the back as well.

You need to be aware that the symptoms of HIV during pregnancy would be a lot different if you are suffering from flu during this juncture. Once the symptoms eradicate, the virus would go on to multiply. In the meantime the immune system is being attacked in a silent manner as well. It would be till the point it breaks down completely and for this to happen it may take close to 10 years.

In case of a pregnant women the symptoms of AIDS would depend on the levels of immunity. In most cases the doctors go on to check the status of immunity with the help of CD4 count. You could consider it as a form of blood test and if the count is low it could point to the emergence of AIDS. Once the count tends to fall the infection would start to creep in and the chances of various types of cancer could emerge at the same time. You need to avoid the risk of STD diseases being transmitted from the mother to the baby.