One major night time annoyance is snoring. Apart from being a nuisance to family members and distracting their sleep, snoring also disturbs people who snore. In fact research reveals that snoring may be a medical issue. If you are looking for solutions to help a snoring partner or want to stop snoring we have just what you need. Overcoming your snoring challenge is as easy as following the below listed solutions. Understanding what causes snoring is the first crucial step of coming up with suitable solutions for this problem. Some of the most common causes of snoring are sleeping position, age, nasal and sinus problem, being overweight, substance abuse or use of medication. Through identifying these major causes of snoring, solutions can be easily developed.


Start by Changing your Sleeping Position

An article on states that sleeping positions greatly interfere with the air passage and how we breathe at night. If you lie on your back for instance, the base of your tongue and soft palate will lie on the throat’s wall consequently causing the vibrating sound which is termed as snoring.

Changing the sleeping position to sleep on your side may prevent such a problem. Having a pillow to maintain your side sleeping position may also be useful.


While little can be done about reversing your age, some exercises can be useful in preventing snoring. Research reveals that as you reach middle age and above, the throat narrows and muscle tone in the throat decrease. This results to more vibration. Intake of plenty of fluids can be useful as it clears the throat and makes breathing when sleeping swift.

Treating Nasal and Sinus Problems

This may be a medical problem whereby the airways become blocked making inhalation difficult through creating a vacuum in the throat. Seeking medical advice in such instances may be vital as snoring will not stop until the airways are unblocked.

Keep Fit and Healthy

Being overweight is unhealthy and could worsen snoring if you do not do regular exercises. Weight loss can be very useful in preventing snoring. The accumulated weight especially around the neck may just be the cause of snoring as it squeezes the throats diameter and constrains its muscles. Though thin people snore too, it is recommended that if one gains weight and starts snoring, losing accumulated weight may help.

Avoid Substance Abuse

Substance abuse could be anything ranging from alcohol, cigarettes and sedatives. These substances reduce the resting tone of the back throat muscles. This makes it more likely for people who abuse substance to snore. The problem of snoring could worsen if you drink or abuse substance five or four hours before sleeping. It has also been revealed that if you never used to snore but start drinking alcohol you will start snoring.

Avoiding using unnecessary medication is also recommended as a solution to stop snoring. Certain medications increase relaxation of throat muscles and lead to snoring. Likewise there are useful anti snoring devices like snoring mouthpieces here

Elsewhere, research reveals that men are likely to snore more due to the narrow air passage way as compared to women.