You have many designer clothes for men from which to choose, so how are you to know what style suits you?  In order to answer this question, you can look at various brands to see what they have to offer in fine clothing for men.  For instance, Burberry Brit at Tessuti is known for its style and elegance in even the most casual of menswear.  If you tend to like to dress well whether you are meeting with friends or heading off to the office, you may find that this brand is suited to your tastes.


Many people start with their tops when they put together ensembles, so you can look at the kinds of tops Burberry Brit has to offer.  The brand has an array of shirts in different styles including sweaters, button downs and tees.  For instance, the Piper tee has an elegant horizontal stripe design available in a navy background with white stripes.  This crewneck tee is available in large and extra large sizes, but this can depend upon availability.  Of course, you may also go for a casual shirt if you need something more formal.


As you are looking for appropriate tops, you should consider the types of pants that make you feel most comfortable.  You may want a decent pair of jeans you can wear on casual Friday then head right out to the pub for meeting with friends.  Shoreditch jeans give you this option with a navy wash and wrinkle whisper details at the hip.  These jeans may also be available in black and an assortment of sizes from 30 to 36.


Seasonal Wear

Burberry Brit also has various types of season specific clothing you may find useful.  A good winter coat can be as stylish as it is functional.  The Langley top coat is a cotton twill design with a center back vent and other stylish features.  The leather trimmed front pockets provide a functional accent along with the covered button plackets and button cuffs.  The olive top coat does require some special care as it can only be dry cleaned.  If a top coat is not your speed, you can also try the Inglaise leather bomber jacket.

Of course, these are only a few of the choices you have when it comes to Burberry Brit designer men’s clothing.  In addition to clothing, you can look for other accessories and fragrances in this designer’s name in order to create some consistency or a motif with your look.  Whether you like cashmere cotton sweaters and chinos or designer jeans and polo sport shirts, you can create the kind of look you want without sacrificing comfort and functionality with the right designer clothes for men at