The term creativity is often referred to as the ability to generate new ideas, possibilities, and alternatives that are used in solving the problems.


Creativity is also used for the purpose of communication, and entertaining ourselves as well as others.

People need to be creative for various reasons, such as the need to solve a problem in a different way, the need to communicate ideas as well as values, and the need to feel relaxed in stressful situations.

Creativity is all about viewing things in a different way from a different point of view. You also need to generate fresh ideas, new possibilities as well as effective alternatives.

If you want to define creativity in one word, that will be “uniqueness”. It is not just seeing things in a different way as you also need to think more creatively.

The Concept of Creativity

Creativity can be used in anything; it is not limited to just the arts. Even if you are a painter it does not mean you are creative.

Often people misperceive the concept of creativity as they think some activities itself are the creativity, whereas creativity is actually an added quality to that activity.

Even if you are cooking, cleaning dishes, or performing plumbing work, you can add some creativity to your work; conversely you can create paintings without being creative.

A creative person shows his or her creativity in all walks of life. Even when he or she sits on a chair, or walks on the street, you can feel some creativity in that person.

God is considered as the creator in most of the religions of this world, because He added some fresh ideas in creating this world.

Creative people are always closer to God, because they can sense the creativity of God in a more effective way.

Who is Creative?

Creative people always love whatever they do, unrelated to the popularity or success of that person.

If you are creating paintings but you are not popular, if you are not enjoying your work it may mean that you are not creative.

People who create things for popularity are never thought of as creative.

People show their creativity in whatever they are engaged with regardless of whether they are famous or not.

One thing which you need to remember is that not all poets, writers, performing artists, and musicians are creative.

Some of the cleaners, sweepers, and plumbers are more creative than those non-creative artists.

When we are born, we all are creative, but what destroys creativity is how we grow up.

It is not just that society is responsible for destroying creativity; you are equally responsible for this act.

We as humans actually prefer easy things rather than taking time to think more creatively.

We become used to luxuries, which is the major cause of the destruction of the creative abilities of human beings.

People want to earn more rather than become more creative, and soon enough they can’t think creatively at all.

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