There are many full time RV’ers especially in the United States. People who live in RVs are no longer staying in old decrepit trailers in mosquito-infested parks. For many mobile workers and retirees, full time RV lifestyle is something that enjoy. Modern RVs have come a really long way from those metal trailers we see in low-budget movies.

Modern RVs could give us a sensation of living in a normal house. They come with multiple built-in conveniences, such as shower, dishwasher, satellite TV and washers. The overall size of RV is comparable to a small flat, but the difference is, we could have the opportunity to get varying views from our windows. Our home could be on the seashore one day and in the mountains the next. It would be wonderful to park our small “house” beside a wonderful fishing lake.

How To Become Full Time RV’ers

Overall, a luxurious RV can still be cheaper than the price of a house. Once we purchase an RV, a good park could ask as for about $500 per month. This includes all facilities, such as sewer, water, Internet, electricity as well as other amenities like laundry rooms, Jacuzzi, saunas, meeting rooms, restaurants, grocery stores and swimming pools. RV lifestyle shouldn’t be expensive and there are ways to have a very economical price.

The overall costs could be similar to the amount of property taxes of regular houses. At the same price, we get all the facilities like sewer, water, free Internet, Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool.

With the advent of mobile connectivity, we could still communicate with others through mobile phones and emails. Some RV parks also provide mail box rooms, so we can receive mail, bills and other documents. Many RV’ers are able to run their virtual business and they rarely need to ask client to their place. In fact, visiting clients in multiple towns would be easy with our RV, because we don’t need to spend money for accommodation and transportation in the destination area.

With RV, it is also easy for us to visit friend and relatives around the country. In fact, it is possible to have a trip together with friends who are also RV’ers. RV can be totally sufficient, some could have solar panels on the roof and we could also turn on the generator set at night, while we are away from the park.

RV lifestyle has expanded that there are now RV salesperson who work like typical property salesperson. After we live for a few years inside an RV, it could be difficult to see ourselves living in typical houses. RV lifestyle is something that many people are yet to discover. The flexibility and convenience can be unmatched at times. Obviously, there are things we should consider before we purchase an RV.

Buying one will require considerations typical of car and home buying. We should consider its mechanical reliability and the interior comforts. Before switching to a RV lifestyle, we could try renting an RV for a few days or a week during a vacation and find out whether it matches our requirements.

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