A fantastic fairytale bedroom doesn’t have to be over the top. If you’d like to bring a little magic into your boudoir then take a look at these tips for creating the ultimate fairytale bedroom.

1. Light and Soft

If you want to create an ethereal feel in your room then choose light and soft colours for your walls like white, cream and pastel blue. If you’re planning a feature wall then choose paper that fits your theme.

Baroque flourishes or a beautiful floral design will work wonderfully. Keep flooring neutral too, try painted floorboards adorned with opulent rugs. Tapestry style or sheepskin rugs are ideal for creating a warm and cosy feel.

2. Better Bed

Every princess needs a fitting bed so make sure yours is dripping in opulent fabrics and throws. Lots of bedding in different textures is the perfect way to give your bedroom a high end feel without breaking the bank.

You can even construct your own canopy using balsa wood and the fabric of your choice, or you can buy a canopy that you simply fix to the wall above your bed.

However, there’s no point adorning an uncomfortable bed so first and foremost make sure your bed is firm and comfortable.

3. Furniture Flourish

Furniture with a flourish is the order of the day if you want to create a fairytale feel, so look for traditional pieces rather than modern, clean lines.

Choose natural or painted wood furniture and add extra interest by opting for bejewelled handles. Or if you’re saving money, you could try decoupaging your old furniture.

You can buy materials online to create all sorts of decoupage so you’ll be able to find images that perfectly suit your fairly them.

Then it’s just a question of cutting out and sticking on, but beware, you’ll need to be willing to spend a lot of time and effort getting your furniture looking perfect.

4. Special Features

You can find tons of fabulous items online that can give your bedroom a fairytale feel.

Look for decorative wall clocks, gilded mirrors and crystal beaded lamps and fill your room with unique, timeless pieces that no one else will have.

Add to the other worldly feel by incorporating lots of fairy lights too. They look great wrapped around a mirror or draped over a headboard, or you can even hang them from the ceiling.

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5. Magical Scents

Last but not least, you can enhance your bedroom space with smell!

Any bedroom fit for a princess needs to be wonderfully scented so make sure you incorporate the smells you love with scented candles, but make sure they’re in a safe place away from fire hazards and that you blow them out before you go to sleep.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom filling it with candles creates a wonderful focal point, or you can place them on windowsills, bedside tables or mantle pieces.

So if you want to design a bedroom that you truly love then don’t follow fads, opt for timeless, traditional decor with  a magical twist and design a fairytale bedroom fit for any princess!

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