Every year over 4.5 million visitors spend a day or more in Bath with a spend of over £348 million! So what are all these people wanting to see in Bath?

Well Bath is a lovely historic town in the UK. There are lots of things to see and do.

The town of Bath is home to many tourist attractions, and all year around it is alive with tourism.

The town is a great place to camp, nestled very close to the country side and near to the snake pass road that leads to Sheffield; the town has become a stop off point for travellers.

The Roman Baths

One of the most famous places where the city gets its name from is the Roman Baths. Although they are not all there and have ruined over the years.

The area is now a UNESCO world heritage site that still contains the ruins of the Baths in the town. They are set a little off the street level and inside, there are four Roman landmarks.

The once Roman Bath, a lovely little temple, a scared spring and the old bath house.

Now, the pump room for the baths has been converted into a lovely little café where you will be able to sit down and have a traditional English cup of tea after a day’s hard work of touring around the city.

Underneath the baths are hot springs that still bubble. When historians found the site, they picked up a lot of ancient Roman artefacts that can be viewed at the museum.

You must remember to take along your camera to snap up photos of the ancient ruins.

Jane Austin Centre

Jane Austen is a famous author that actually used to live in the city of Bath. Now the city is home to the Jane Austen Centre, and it is packed full of Jane-related items.

Inside the centre is a little café that has a mock Mr. Darcy, a character from her books, and you can have a pot of the UKs finest tea!

Bath Abbey

Bath is also home to a lovely historical abbey. No matter where you visit in the town, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the abbey.

There’s a choir that still sing inside there until today, and if you are lucky enough to go on a day when they are singing you will be able to picture yourself back in days gone by when the abbey was first erected.

The town is a great UK landmark and one that simply cannot be missed.

How can you get to Bath?

Bath is approximately a 2 hour drive from Central London via the M4 – its a simple yet un-attractive drive.

What many people do is to take the train out of London into Bath in 90 minutes and you are in the centre of Bath and fully refreshed ready to make the most of your time!

The great thing about Bath is also that the station is right in the centre of town as well so its not a long trek into the centre if you have bags.

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