Are you a gun owner? Or perhaps you are planning to own one? Or do you know people who have guns and other firearms? Then, you might want to check out first these basic firearms laws so as to avoid any repercussions that you might get in because of lack of knowledge.

Unlawful Manufacture, Sale, Acquisition, Disposition Or Possession Of Firearms Ammunition Or Instruments Used Or Intended To Be Used In The Manufacture Of Firearms Or Ammunitions

If a person unlawfully manufactures, deals, disposes or possesses any low-powered firearm such as rim fire handgun, 380 or 32 and other firearm of similar firepower, part of firearm, ammunition or machinery, tool or instrument used or intended to be used in the manufacture of any firearm or ammunition: Provided that no other crime was committed, then the penalty of prison correctional in its maximum period and a fine based on the country’s jurisdiction shall be imposed.

What Are The Basic Firearms Laws?

Presumption Of Illegal Manufacture Of Firearms Or Ammunition

The possession of any machinery, tool or instrument used directly in the manufacture of firearms or ammunition, by any person whose business or employment does not lawfully deal with the manufacture of firearms or ammunition, shall be evidence that such article is intended to be used in the unlawful or illegal manufacture of firearms or ammunition.

Unauthorized Issuance Of Authority To Carry Firearm And/Or Ammunition Outside Of Residence

If a person, civilian, or even military issue firearm and/or ammunition outside of residence without authority will be charged with a penalty of imprisonment.

Permit To Carry Firearm Outside Of Residence

This is a written authority issued to any person by the Chief of Constabulary which entitles such person o carry his licensed or lawfully issued firearms outside of residence for the duration and purpose specified therein. If you have this with you, then you can lawfully bring your firearm outside your home.

The Number And Types Of Firearms That May Be Possessed

Each individual is allowed to hold under license a maximum of only one (1) low-powered rifle caliber 22 or shotgun not heavier than 12 gauge and one (1) pistol or revolver, not higher than caliber .38 except caliber .357 and calibers .22 center fire magnum and those which may later be classified as high-powered regardless of the type, make or caliber.

Officers and non-commissioned police officers enlisted personnel in the active service and in the retired list may hold under license a maximum of only one (1) low powered rifle caliber .22 or shotgun not heavier than 12 gauge and one (1) sidearm of any type or caliber.

Legal Sources Of Firearms

To be considered legal, the firearms should be purchased in:

  • Licensed firearm holder, through transfer or sale
    If the firearm was acquired through transfer or sale from a duly licensed holder, the firearm should be delivered by the transfer/vendor to the transferee/buyer only after the latter has secured the corresponding license.
  • Licensed firearm holder, through purchase
  • Importation/Purchase Abroad

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