Everyone has heard of the ridiculous laws that are still in place in many countries and locales–no crossing the street backwards on Sunday while squealing like a pig and wearing Spiderman underpants. Alright, that one is made up but the real ones are quite comparable. So is it really surprising that there are tons of arrests for really crazy things?

You Were Arrested For What?
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Show Me the Money

Two men in Vail, Colorado had the brilliant idea to rob the bank that they frequented as customers. They donned their ski masks and made off with $170,000 USD. The problem with their plan is that they didn’t think about what might happen when they facebook’d the pictures of themselves posing with the money in a McDonald’s bathroom. Yes, they were arrested for robbing the bank and that isn’t laughable, but facebooking pictures with the money directly after the robbery–stupidity can be humorous.

The Felonies of a 12 Year Old Girl…

In New York a tween girl was handcuffed and arrested in front of her teachers and classmates. The girl is described as being happy and outgoing, and it makes you wonder what she could have done. The answer is shocking. The arrest and humiliation stemmed from her writing her name on a desk and also writing that she loved her friends. Can we say overkill? Oh and the kicker…it was erasable marker.

Got Steak?

Kids seem to get the burnt end of the stick quite often. A 10 year old girl in Florida brought a steak knife to school, and she intended on using it to cut the steak she had brought for lunch. When the principal saw her with the knife, the girl was suspended for ten days and also received felony weapons charges.

You got Cheated!

As if it isn’t humiliating enough to find out that your wife is cheating on you, and finding it out by reading her emails, how about going to jail for it? A 33 year old man learned that his wife was having an affair in the way outlined above. When the wife found out, she was so mad that he knew she called police and had him charged. He faces up to five years in prison if he is convicted.

Santa Says: “You’ve been Naughty!”

Most parents would not have their children arrested for anything, let alone something trivial. The operative word was “most”. The parent of a 12 year old boy in South Carolina called police and had him charged with larceny. But why you ask? Because he peeked at his Christmas presents…really? You have to wonder what the message being sent to the child is. Way to ruin Christmas, mom.

Piece of Cake…

A 16 year old girl dropped her cake on the cafeteria floor that was her first mistake. Her second mistake was failing to pick it up. The security guard who saw this apprehended the girl and ended up breaking her arm in the process.

It’s true there are hundreds or thousands more stories out there and it seems each is more ridiculous than the next (Mullins criminal defense attorney and many law offices have stories like these). Sometimes it’s because of the crazy or weird regulations, sometimes because of the overreacting officials but you may have the same impression in the end: the world is getting a little crazier each and every day.