An urn is an important choice to make when it comes to mourning the loss of a loved one. Although it is just one thing you need to decide on during your grieving process, it doesn’t need to be rushed and it is important that you feel happy with your choice.Opting For The Perfect Memorial Keepsake Urn

Keeping in mind color, pattern, shape, material and price for the urn, you can pick a perfect keepsake urn for ashes that your family member or friend that you have lost would have loved. Take your time choosing the urn, there is no rush, funeral directors can hold the ashes for as long as you need and you will want to feel like you made the right choice.


The color of the urn needs to reflect the type of person that your lost relative or friend was. Colors have meanings, so you may want to consider this when you’re choosing a color. For example, blue means peace, pick means love, purple means creativity and orange means optimism. Choose any kind of color that you think represents the personality of the person you are remembering and the urn will feel even more special. If you are keeping the urn on display but don’t want to draw attention to it, opt for darker colors such as navy blues and deep purples.


When you have found a color that you are happy with you can begin to think about the design that goes on the urn. If you think one block color is the best option then you don’t need to add extra detail, but if you do want to add patterns or writing that you think will add more meaning to the urn, then this can easily be done. You can either search for urns which already have detailed patterns or decorations on them such as hearts and stars, or you can look for an urn designer that offers bespoke designs. This means that you can add details to the urn that reminds you of the person that has passed. Extra engravings or patterns may cost more but it is worth it if it makes you feel like you are truly honoring that person’s memory.


An old fashioned urn with a footed cup is a very old style of urn, and is good for a traditional style memorial. However, you can pick any shape that you like from basic boxes (usually made from wood) to orbs, crosses and teardrop shapes. More basic shapes can be decorated with additional patterns such as engravings and etchings for a more traditional and feminine touch; ideal for remembering a female friend or relative.Opting For The Perfect Memorial Keepsake Urn


Urns can be made from either glass, metal, wood, ceramic, or stone. When you get metal and brass urn products you can be sure that they will be sturdy and long lasting. They can also be decorated in a variety of ways which makes a metal urn a very versatile and useful option. They can also have many different colored enamels added to their outer surface to make them more colorful as well. However, glass and ceramic products, although not as strong as metal, can look very attractive if you’re planning on displaying the urn in your home.


You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get the urn that you want and the urn that you are sure your loved one would have wanted. Compare prices before you buy anything, but remember that good quality urns don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can easily get an urn which you are happy with for a reasonable price if you look for a color, shape, and material that you want. Add a plaque to your urn for a little extra money and write an epitaph or get an engraving of some initials to make it truly personalized and special.

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