As one of the most important days in your life, your wedding must be planned to perfection. Brides often fixate on flowers and dresses, but there are other wedding aspects that should be considered as well. Getting to your wedding and reception are major decisions because transporting the wedding party and the guests may be necessary. Take a moment to research the best transportation options for your party. There are more options out there than ever before.

Wedding Transport: 4 Ways To Travel In Style On Your Special Day

Horse-Drawn Carriage

If you’re looking for a grand entrance, a horse-drawn carriage is a smart move. Rent these vehicles out at specialty providers. Decorate the carriage with your wedding flowers or other items that show off your new life as a married couple. Depending on the carriage’s size, it might be pulled by either one or two horses. Arrive at your wedding in style while leaving afterward as the clip-clop of the horses’ hooves echo down the street.

Open-Air Trolley

An unforgettable way to transport the entire wedding party is with an open-air trolley. These vehicles are normally designed with the appearance of an old-fashioned trolley that’s attached to powered wiring. Your trolley simply operates like a normal bus, however. Fit your wedding party and guests into these rides as you move from location to location. Go wine tasting after your wedding as everyone enjoys the complementary drinks, for example.


Arrive in style with a classic limousine. These vehicles are well-known for their use during special events. Almost any car type can be remade into a limo. Some companies, such as Sunset Limousine Services, know that you simply need to research the limo style that you prefer. Stretch limos that hold a dozen people or more are possible. Smaller limos provide a luxurious yet subtle entrance for brides holding an intimate gathering.


A variation on the carriage transportation is the basic horse. The bride can ride sidesaddle as she graces the ceremony with her presence. After the wedding, the bride and groom might ride separate horses as they transition to photographs or the reception itself. Match the horse’s mane color with the wedding’s decor. There’s no reason why the horse can’t be part of the festivities with flowers or streamers woven into its mane.

It’s ideal to have a wedding and reception in close proximity to each other. Try to plan it out with this fact in mind. If they’re in separate locations, be aware that extra transportation may be necessary for the guests. Taking care of your party and guests will only make it a memorable time for everyone.