Before you dig into the scenario of excel tests, it is important that you have some knowledge about pre-employment tests. These are the tests that are used to screen the job applicants and can include testing of knowledge, cognitive abilities, work skills, personality, physical and motor abilities, language proficiency, emotional intelligence and even honesty.Drug testing can also be used as a part of the pre-employment procedures.

Many businesses use testing to find the applicants most likely to succeed in the open positions and to screen out the ones who are unqualified. Amidst these pre-employment tests, you can find Excel skills test too. Such a test gives an idea to the employer about the Excel knowledge, skills and abilities of a candidate siting in the interview.

Filter The Quality Candidates With Excel Tests!

Are these tests useful, really?

By helping businesses identify the candidates most probable to perform well on job, pre-employment testing can lead to extra company benefits like saving time and expense in the selection process, lessening turnover and even refining morale. As per a research, it has been seen that many companies have said that they won’t recruit a candidate if pre-employment testing finds him or her to be lacking in basic skills.

An Important Aspect Related to these tests

While there can be amazing benefits gained from using test in the employee recruitment process, there are possible issues companies require to understand prior to implementing any excel tests.The foremost thing is validity; whether or not a specific test measures the exact criterion it is supposed to measure and can forecast future job performance or achievement.Moreover, an employer should be in a position to demonstrate that the ones who do well on test do well in carrying out the job and those who score off-colour on the test perform poorly on job.For example, in case an employer can demonstrate that a typing test and skills tests using Microsoft Office software establish a reasonable sample of the content of an administrative assistant designation, then that specific tests will likely be considered content effective.

Then sometimes people raise their fingers on the reliability of these tests.It means the consistency with which a particular test measures an item.To see the reliability of a test, the score of an individual should be about the same every time individual takes it permitting for the effects of practice. In case an individual takes the test on one day and scores high, then he takes the test a week later and gets a low score, the test is most probably not really reliable.A test has to reliably measure the traits; otherwise it would be of little value in forecasting the future job performance of a candidate.Similarly, with validation, test dependability should be established prior to the test getting implemented. For example, if you are going to conduct excel skills assessment test, you have to make sure that it is apt and completely reliable only then it can do justice to the candidates. However, most of the times, these tests help the employers in getting the right candidates for their firm.

So, it isn’t wrong to state that pre-employment tests like excel test is doing a great job in filtering the quality candidates!