Being a part of 21st century has been no less than a blessing to all of us in so many insane ways which also include the access to smart watches which are one of most terrific inventions of these types. If you owe a smart watch, you are entitled to carry the entire world on your wrists. It definitely keeps you updated with time but not just that, it can count your steps if you are on a walk trying to put on or lose weight, can keep check of your heart rate and keep you aware of any abnormalities, can provide you access to internet at any hour of the day through which you can even scroll through different online shopping platforms such as Movies Jackets and buy your favorite Leather Jackets for instance the Top Gun Jacket from there and basically make this watch the biggest helping hand of yours. If you have a phone and a smart watch and your phone’s battery dies, smart watch can be your lifesaver as it has each and every thing your phone might have. If you own an OS smart watch, there are certain apps you can easily have in it and we recommend you to definitely have them and enjoy.

Here is the list of the 6 apps we think are incredibly useful and should be there in your OS smart watch:


It is very likely that you are not familiar with routes and ways and especially if you are somewhere out of your locality, there is a high chance that you mess up the routes and waste a lot of your time. But all of this should only happen if you don’t have an OS smart watch because if you have one, you must have the need of the hour kind of app, Google Maps in it which is an expert navigator and the instructor on the map will keep you correctly directed towards your navigation. It provides you with multiple routes you can take to reach and also tells you of the traffic you might meet amidst your journey. To have the map of the entire world on your wrist is no less than a big privilege and if you can avail that then why not!


Listening to music is the kind of therapy which always helps and a person wants it to be available 24/7. Spotify is that one popular app which is known to serve as the best stress reliever as it has gathered the music from all over the world to suppress your boredom and relax you up. The creators of the app are kind enough to bring a version specifically for smart watches where with the help of your watch, you can easily jam to your favorite songs at any hour of the day for absolutely free. But if you want to save them and listen to them without the internet, you might be charged with a fee but that’s just for one time and that song is then yours.


All of us are aware of the importance of exercise and how much of help it brings along but we all need something motivating enough to inspire us to workout daily which becomes really draining and challenging for people especially those who are lazy. Seven is that app which is here to your rescue if you have any such problem as it has the entire motivation store in it which you might need to keep yourself fit. With all the information of how long you must exercise, how long should your breaks be and interesting tutorials of how an exercise needs to be done, this app is a complete package and to have access to it in a thing as small as a smart watch is something people wouldn’t have imagined a few years back so if you are getting an opportunity to enjoy this pleasure, then go for it and download it from play store for free!


We all have to list down our groceries and to me at least, this is that one thing I hate doing. Although it isn’t that difficult but to remember all the things at the same time isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For all those having an OS smart watch, Bring-Grocery Shopping List is a life saving application you can have access to from play store which basically provides you with a platform to list down all the grocery and have the icons of the basic items people have to buy to keep you remembered and save your time as well. You can also categorize your lists in them and this is one of the most amazing and friendly apps one must have in his/her smart watch.


When you are to an absolutely new place, it is likely that you are not known to the restaurants available in that vicinity and that can be really frustrating. If you are having an OS smart watch, you shouldn’t be worrying of that frustration as you can download the app Foursquare right now from Play store and get yourself some of the most amazing benefits. The app brings to you all the restaurants you can have your lunch or dinner at located in the particular city or area you are in. Moreover, if you want your search to be more specified, the app also asks you questions like what is your mood today and by letting it know of that, you can get known to all the options you might avail according to your mood.

CONCLUSIVELY, the advancement of technology has been serving us with unbelievable perks and smart watches are one of them. With the increase in their production, they are also becoming pocket friendly so if you don’t have one, get one immediately and download all the above mentioned apps to enjoy the most of the interesting technology!