We can all remember that feeling of excitement of unwrapping presents at Christmas or on your birthday as a child. The thrill of tearing off the paper getting and revealing what you asked for and dreamed of for what seemed like an eternity; that feeling lives with you forever, no matter how old and cynical you get.

With that in mind there are plenty of reasons why Walkie Talkies are the perfect present to give to your young children.

Walkie Talkies

Easy To Set Up

The beauty of Walkie Talkies as a present for children is that they are effortlessly simple; pop in a few batteries then away you go.

The problem with a lot of modern toys is that they are needlessly complicated and can take an age to set up, and before you know it your children are bored again. With Walkie Talkies, some double AA batteries will give you hours upon hours of fun.

Use Your Imagination

The main reason kids love Walkie Talkies and why they remain such a great present despite all the technological in mobile phones, is because they spark the imagination. Their simplicity and robustness means they give kids the freedom to play an elaborate game of hide and seek, or pretend to be army soldiers in a nearby field – the possibilities are endless.

Add in the fact there is a certain amazement amongst kids at the ability to speak to your best friend despite being nowhere near him – that never diminishes.

Good For The Parents

The secret for parents is that Walkie Talkies are also a pretty good way to get your kids off the sofa and out the house.

Inactivity amongst children because of the proliferation of TV and game consoles has become a real problem. Two little radios are likely to spark them not only into using their imagination to come up with games but will get them outside, running about and interacting with real, rather than online, friends.

The kicker is that for parents they are pretty inexpensive and once you have bought a set there are no additional fees or costs. As a bridge before their first mobile phone, they are pretty perfect.

When most people think of Walkie Talkies they tend to imagine over-officious door staff and event organisers running around like headless chickens.

Child Friendly

Of course your children would hardly be impressed if you were to hand them a bulky black unit to go play with, but plenty of major children’s brands have realised how good a present Walkie Talkies can be for kids and have made their own models.

Lego, Disney, Marvel Comics, Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty all make radios just for kids to use so your young ones are guaranteed to love them.

Above all else when it comes to giving your children some Walkie Talkies as a present, you can be sure that you will be helping them form memories they will treasure forever. There is something magical about a set of radios that, when shared between two young friends, can spark that sense of Action Man adventure that they will stay with them until they are fully grown.

Peter South – Blog Writer for brentwoodradios – exploring gift ideas for all the family