Many couples dream of having a beautiful beach wedding, whether it be large with every family member and friend you’ve had since kindergarten, or intimate with just the few people you need to make the day special. The cost of a wedding can get a bit out of hand for many couples.

Instead of choosing to drop thousands of dollars on their big day, many couples are opting to spend that money on a mortgage or even long-term travel to see the world. A beautiful wedding need not cost an arm and a leg, with some carefully planned elements and a little organization, you can have the wedding of your dreams.

Why a beach themed wedding?

Who doesn’t love the beach? A beach can bring up happy images of summers spent with sand in your toes and buying salt water taffy on the boardwalk. Many people choose to incorporate those happy memories into their wedding day.

Some of you may be thinking a beach themed wedding may include tacky elements like big Hawaiian shirts and plastic umbrellas in syrupy sweet cocktails, however a beach wedding can be very elegant.

Is a destination wedding for you?

Destination weddings to countries in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and even in Hawaii are quite popular. Many resorts will sell wedding packages ranging from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars, depending upon what you are looking for and how many days you intend to spend.

If it’s just the two of you, you may just show up with just your wedding dress and your vows. You allow the package coordinators at the resort to do the rest of the planning for you. The package may include a wedding officiate, a celebratory cake, and a few days enjoying peace and quiet in island paradise.

You can invite your family and friends if you want something a bit more expensive. These packages are great because you pay one price and you know what you get. People who plan conventional weddings often complain that the price tag increased as the big day got closer.

Choose a location carefully

Pulling together a wedding on a beach can be lots of fun. You may need to check with the local government to find out if you need a permit to perform a small wedding.

Find out if you need to rent a tent to protect yourselves from rain. If you don’t want a small tent, find out if there are any indoor venues in the area you can use should the weather not be in your favor. Other things to think about for a beach wedding are when the tides roll in and out and what time the sun sets.

Beach themed wedding favors

Wedding favors can easily blow a budget if you have a lot of people. You want to give them something memorable, but something that also represents you as a couple — not an easy feat. What you can do is buy a few boxes of multi-colored salt water taffy, place them in a small party bag or box in a color that matches your theme.

Since it is a wedding, it may be in your best interest to buy the taffy online where you might have a bigger selection. You can also mix in low- priced items like seashells that are often available by the bagful at dollar stores. Make a visit to your local office supply store and find some tags made for labeling small handmade items.

There are stencils and templates available to put the bride and groom’s name along with the wedding date.

You should allow yourself at least six to eight weeks at a minimum to plan your big day. That way you will have more time to do some comparison shopping without having to jump at the first thing you find online. Try not to stress out and, instead, focus on creating a memorable event that will mark the beginning of a beautiful life together.

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Dan and Jessica are getting married in a year and they have no clue where they want to have their wedding. They have always dreamed of getting married on a beach but did not know how to plan it.