We have seen Viber going down with the affect of WhatsApp new service for voice calls. This new feature on WhatsApp pushed the long time topper in the field of voice calls, Viber to the second place. It is not done yet, if the news about video calling feature is to be believed, WhatsApp is set to launch its video calling feature by this month. It is reported that the company has undergone a trial among its employees and is all set to launch the first version for video calling service. If this happens, this could be a tough competition for Skype, which is said to be the king when it comes to free video calling service. This news is also showing up in the Love Whatsapp Status of the users going on. The sources added that the new feature may come up with the facility of converting the voice call into a video call with a few clicks. Some of the media reports predict that the release would be in this month and it could be the android users to taste this feature. We have also seen Jio with similar features. Counting this, it seems Facebook messenger, Jio, WhatsApp must have a close competition this year.

If we analyze about the new feature, this may not look like a long term threat for Skype, but surely it could damage it’s market up to some extent. If this happens, there may come a time for Skype it deliberately has to be taken down just like Orkut. This feature will br optimumly launched for Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 8, Galaxy S6, Xperia Z5, Lg G5 most probably but can be featured soon.

How will you make WhatsApp Video Calls?

As per now, you may not make any calls from WhatsApp since the service is yet to be activated. But you can upload and share a video clip with your friends in the contacts list of your application. Once the application comes forward to release the video option, then it will be awesome for the users of the application as well as it can increase the market further.

The Facebook Whatsapp Deal

Facebook tookover WhatsApp in 2014 for a worth of 19 billion dollars, but when this happened, people pointed out this to be wrong move by Facebook CEO Mark. By observing the things going on at the moment, we can see the wide and bright future of the biggest collaboration in the tech world. whatsApp has already introduced free calling service and it is giving a strong competition for Viber which is already in the field for many years.

If we count the charges that are available to make international calls, having this kind of free service will be an advantage and it will go viral within no time. Still there are a few threats for all the services based on net neutrality, which was raised as an issue among the users of India few weeks ago. Unless it takes a serious turn that can affect the users of internet, we can make the use of this service for a long time. Since WhatsApp has undergone a trail version. An official announcement is required for the launch of this amazing feature.