Many games claim to be unique, but Mold on Pizza is a game app that can show the world what the word unique means. This cute, quirky and one of a kind app is a fun little game where friends engage preservatives in successive battles to try and claim some pizza. The game is complicated in a nice way and challenging as you may want it to be.

What Is the App’s Basic Concept?

The primary concept of this awesome game revolves around an offense and strategy game that is battled on the surfaces of freshly prepared pizzas. As a player, you have to control a piece of mold known as Pang whose only desire is to eat the delicious pizza. Pang and his friends get to their favorite food location and start to gobble the food, but no sooner are they attacked by their natural enemies the preservatives and the real fun in the game begins.

Pang and his counterparts have to battle for the pizza in a challenging battle that involves 32 preservative agents and 21 kinds of molds. The difficulty of each level is contingent upon the number of units you go with to choose from and the additional type of enemies you combat.

Features of Mold on Pizza

This app has some of the greatest features that are absent in most games. First of all, the games bring on board 53 characters that can either be friendly or unfriendly. Also to make the game more exciting and challenging, it features eight additional mini-games and 192 stages that put players on a contest to battle for over 36 achievements.

The game also comes with a comprehensive gamepad support to make it more thrilling. The game is also very easy to install at Google play for only $ 1.99. The game is also embodied with excellent sound and graphics and utilizes an unmatched concept that has never used before. You can also play it on Co-OP if they have Google TV.

The Verdict

With its simple, intuitive and engaging concept, well-crafted graphics and soundtrack, as well as the simple design developed with the gaming audience in mind, Mold on Pizza, is an irresistible game for players who love funny challenges. If you love quirky, cute story art such as Fairyland vs. Demons, this game will definitely amaze you. A player who favors defense/offensive games should try out Mold on Pizza.

Download Mold on Pizza from the Google Play link:

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