When it comes to writing, many writers are focused on writing for the web. Thanks to blogs, websites and digital advertising, the use of online mediums has increased in popularity over the years. Most writers know that there’s a difference between writing for the web and writing for offline markets.

If you’re used to writing for the web, be sure to familiarize yourself with the writing skills and tips you’ll need for your offline life.  Below are just inklings of writing prowess one must possess to stay competitive online, or offline, today.

Learning Proper Resume Etiquette

What makes a book irresistible to read? What gives readers the urge to carry on, right to the end, gripped until the last word? There are so many elements that make a successful book, and a fairytale usually has most of them. Your resume needs to have many of the same elements to keep your potential employer reading on, and by looking at what makes up a fairytale we can culminate the perfect resume that could lead to an international career.

For example, let’s say you’re applying for social media related work.  Not understanding how a social media strategy can affect your ROI may destroy your chances in an interview; therefore, have your resume written clearly to define your understanding of this area.

With all of the added influence that writers are now stepping into, the importance of earnest, meaningful writing is paramount when preparing even something simplistic like your curriculum vitae.

Writing Expectations Of Today’s Freelance Professional

Customer-Centric Business Writing

Every business owner knows that creativity is of the upmost importance in the modern world but it is more important in some areas than others. Without business creativity a company would not be able to move forward and would soon be outdone by its competitors. This is even more important in these times of austerity because a lack of creativity and forward thinking within the work place could really leave you behind and struggling to tread water.

If you are a freelance pro, you really need to make sure you have established a great online presence. No matter whether you are a freelance writer or web designer, you should really make full use of the internet. Freelancers should be online for multiple reasons – the most meaningful one being for business writing purposes.  Customer centric content will either explode, or break businesses down.

Know The Crowd

Creating content takes time and so you want to benefit from it and gain some rewards. It’s not always possible to hit the nail on the head each time; however there are some great ways to significantly increase your chances of being seen on the web. Creation of a successful social media content strategy is down to a number of things, which may include:

  • Writing synergetic material capable of going quickly viral;
  • Mastering the Facebook wall post schema;
  • Learning to relax, take your time and write from factual sources (citing them, of course)
  • Motivate others by leaving open-ended questions at the bottom of your posts

When we discovered 5 Inspirational Quotes About Freelance Writing recently, it helped us to refocus our writing efforts.  You’re encouraged to read that piece to better gain insight into the world of writing inspiration, and how instrumental having the writing powers of truly inspired people can assist you with writing your content, albeit offline or online.