Nokia has surely came up with its out of the line Lumia 920 series which is designed to beat every other smart phone that is ruling the market, and this is mainly because of the fact that this new Nokia Lumia 920 is powered by Windows 8, hence allowing it to be the best among other smart phones.


Let’s check out configuration of this all new Nokia Lumia 920:

• Display: 720 Pixels.
• Processor: 1.5GHZ S4.
• Battery: 2000 MAH
• OS: Windows 8.

All of these are some of the core features of Nokia Lumia 920, however one of the most shocking thing that might be for you is that this Nokia Lumia 920 phone does not support VPN! This is surely one of the things that might avoid most businessmen to go with these phones, as these are known to be the people that use different business phones for checking their emails, making bank transaction, opening their bank account on their devices, buy and sell shares online etc.

Such people, as well as other common people who are way much concerned about their privacy will never go with this phone, as if they would be using internet from public networks without VPN than they would literally be risking their money and data, which they really want to.


Nokia Lumia 920 would surely have beaten iPhone as well as other android and business phones only if it would have VPN along its side.

Most people who never use VPN connection or doesn’t know the actual use of VPN services, would also avoid it to the masses, as it is in the mind of the people that one day “they might” need this service.

Nokia Lumia 920 is only going to be bought Nokia lovers as well as the people who doesn’t use internet from their cellular phones that much, else everything else found in this cellular phone is absolutely great.

It has just been only few months of its launch, but Nokia is surely going to realize it very soon that exclusion of VPN service is surely costing them a lot; however this cellular phone is already out in the market.

However it is expected that the next version of this Nokia Lumia is surely going to have VPN service, as without that it is not going to succeed in the eyes of business community or in the eyes of people who are way much concerned about their safety and security when they go online.

The news that Nokia Lumia 920 does not support VPN services has also disappointed VPN services provider, as they know that they won’t be able to do any business via Nokia Lumia 920, and neither they would be able to capture the new market that will be created Nokia Lumia 920, however they also know that the new Lumia 920 market won’t be that big and neither it would be able to last long in this industry, as VPN service has now become the utmost need of this era even in cellular phones, and none of the smart phone can make its market without including VPN support feature.

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