We know that eating the foods which are high in nutrients can help our health for keeping well always and they are much helpful for us when we become sick by any reason. The foods play an important role in the human body and give some important feelings in their mind because when at the time of eating we fill not only our stomach but also the whole cells of our body. If the cells do not get the important nutrition and protein as they want, they become very much effective for the whole body. The foods help us to fight against the cold and flu viruses.


Chicken Noodle Soup:

The chicken noodle soup provides the important fluids in the body which can help to fight against the viruses. It also provides special mucus that helps for nasal activities as well as we want. It has some anti inflammatory effects on the cold symptoms, so one can get rid of them easily. One should keep some extra chicken in hand when they produce this soup because the commercial soup and homemade soup have the same effect on the human body.

Onion and Garlic:

If anyone wants to add the power of chicken soup or any other dishes, they should add garlic and onion there. When we combine them into the food items, they contain various antiseptic compounds there.


One may not produce any herbal things without the help of the mushrooms. These food items help to produce cytokines that are the cells which helps to fight against the infections of the human body. Mushrooms also provide polysaccharides that can give support for the immune system. They are also helpful for reducing the cold and flu viruses from the body.


It is much helpful in the time when we become very much sick by any powerful purpose and it contains lots of chemical elements that help us to fight against the cold viruses. It is also a pain and fever removers that can give relax anyone when they want. One can use them by mixing them with tea.


This food item has many medical properties because it covers the throat in the natural way. It also gives some important elements to fight against the virus, bacteria and fungi. One can buy this food item from the supermarket because it is much available and cheap to buy.

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