The market for smart phones is currently five times bigger than the market for cameras. Samsung has debuted the Samsung Galaxy Camera is also known as the Samsung EK GC100, which has christened a whole new category of device: predictably enough, the ‘smart camera’. There is a Quad Core processor on board the Samsung; asserted to be the same as that in the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. The following is the Samsung Galaxy Camera Review ( ).



The Samsung Galaxy Camera examines rather minimal and in many resembles the reverse of a smart phone/ tab with a zoom lens and handgrip attached which means it lacks the more traditionalist camera elegance of the Nikon S800c.

First , it has to ‘boost up’, once it has done in camera and subsequently gone to sleep to preserve power among shots, a press of the power button will throw you directly back into camera mode without a preamble via several greeting screens. There are three basic shooting modes for the stills camera side of the operation: the self explanatory Auto, Expert mode and plus Smart mode.


The other shooting mode is video, and here we get the chance to shoot Full High Definition 1920×1080 pixels clips at 30 frames per second, and thankfully have access to utilize  full of the 21x optical zoom. If you adjust the zoom in the middle of recording there is a wait of a second/ when focus readjusts and the picture snaps from distort back into pointed aim.

Touch sensitive stop and pause buttons are provided on screen, but we were shocked that the camera automatically begins filming the moment video mode is selected. When you have taken the shot there are 35 photos editing tools approachable via on the board Photo Wizard. A toolbar is displayed on screen and the large LCD really comes into its own.


The quality of the Galaxy Camera’s 4.8 inch LCD hits home. It is very outstanding; not just on the much larger than average size and widescreen ratio; compared to any other digital camera on the market, but thanks to the crystal clear image relayed through a high 1280×720 resolution. The screen is as responsive to each finger prod/ swipe as we would have hoped for that operation is both flawless and intuitive.


The Samsung’s battery is charged in the camera and a matching and rather fetching white USB lead and adapter plug were provided with our identically colored unit.

Battery life is good for up to 290 shots from a full charge. Comparison this with the Nikon S800c which offers a meager 140 shots from a full charge of its own power source and the Samsung Galaxy Camera is beginning to take the lead.

Image quality

The image quality consigned by the Samsung Galaxy Camera is as bright, colorful  and crisp as we would have hoped for a kind of variety of general shooting conditions  both indoors and out  and those looking for a souped up snapshot,/ a travel zoom camera with plentiful ‘extras’ – won’t be disappointed.


The truth that the 16 megapixel, 21x zoom Samsung Galaxy Camera is one of two snapshots currently to offer the triple whammy of being wireless, Internet enabled  and Android powered, should make it compelling for widget fans as much as camera fanciers.