As a working mom, I rarely have time to do anything for myself, let alone workout. I understand how important fitness is but I just don’t seem to have the time. At least this was what I thought until I found out I had high blood pressure. I was told that I could either eat healthy, workout or go on medication. I decided to change my life around and get healthy. I did not want to go on medication which many people are stuck having to use for a lifetime. This article will explain how working mom’s can get in shape and improve their fitness.

Working Mom Fitness Tips

Making Time To Workout

Working a full-time job and being a mom does take a lot of work. Someone is always trying to get your attention and there is so much that you have to do in the day. With such a stressful lives that us mom’s live, it’s easy for us to say that we do not have time to exercise. The absolute truth is that people make time for what is important to them. I had to give up a few leisurely activities such as watching TV to fit in my workout and you will probably have to do the same. Instead of watching the latest reality of talent show on TV, I took and hour to do cardio on my exercise bike.

How To Workout

Since we have so little time to workout, we have to make the most out of the little time that we do have. I personally do not have hours to use working out. What I have learned is that short workouts are often better than long workouts. There is research that has shown that fast paced, max effort workouts does more to improve a person’s health than spending hours working out. these interval type workouts burn more calories, they improve cardio health at a fast rate and this form of working out increases the metabolism. This is how I workout and it has helped me lose 30 pounds in 5 months. I feel awesome, my blood pressure is lower and my husband can’t keep his hands off of me. You can accomplish this type of workout in only 20 minutes. What I do is perform 30 minutes of this fast paced interval workout and then I ride my exercise bike at a slower place for an extra 30 minutes.

The most important aspect of working out is to be consistent. I have tried to lose weight in the past where I started out really hard and working out everyday, only to quit. A little exercise performed consistently is better than doing hard workouts infrequently.

Lastly, you much east a healthy diet. What a waste it is to workout and burn hundreds of calories only to regain them by eating an unhealthy snack. Do not worry about a specific diet, just eat healthy. Eat less sugar and junk food, and add more vegetables and fruits.

This is what worked for me and it will also work for you.

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