email marketingB2BB2B email marketing software can be effectively used for lead generation as well as demand generation. The software mainly automates the process of sending emails and performs metrics on various parameters, which produces valuable reports. Both these features can be used for generating leads and demand.

Key Differences

Lead generation mainly involves generating interest in prospective customers and encouraging inquiries about the products or services of the company. Demand generation on the other hand is focusing on driving awareness or invoking interest about the company’s products and services. Both may seem similar, but leads are mainly generated with a short-term goal, while demand generation has a long-term objective.

Legitimate Improvements

B2B email marketing software technology has improved significantly in the past few years, providing better features and functionality. These innovations have made the software more flexible and adaptable for various requirements. Targeted email campaigns can generate quality B2B leads. When the campaign is organized correctly, it can create inquires from the required business sectors, which will help increase prospective customer based and overall demand.

Pays for Itself

In the absence of proper software, companies usually resort to rudimentary research that does not bear much result. However, employing sophisticated B2B email marketing software can invoke a major change in the campaign, making it more targeted and effective. The software also promotes overall efficiency of the campaign. Since the software enables tracking, the content and messages can be adjusted to suit preferences of the prospects.

Elimination of guesswork and basing everything on responses, feedback and study of prospect behavior, makes the campaign highly effective. Even a newsletter, which is mainly more generalized information, can be modified to cater more to the preferences of a targeted audience.

Deriving Poignant Data

The improved tracking and analytical components in B2B email marketing software provide a major advantage in developing a superior and more superlative campaign. The tracked data can be organized according to required parameters and various reports can be generated for analyzing various stages of the campaign. This will provide enough data to the marketing team to tweak messages and content, whenever required, to suit preferences and optimize relevancy. The lead generation data is also very valuable for the CRM system, as it will provide the history of the customer right from the initial contact.

Responses that are Captivating

With the B2B email marketing software, it is not only possible to generate effective leads, but rating or ranking these leads is also possible. This makes managing leads very easy, and the campaign can be more focused on the top ranking leads. With the available prospect data such as preferences, habits and previous responses, it becomes easy to make a customized response that is highly relevant and appealing.

Since all prospects responses are stored and readily accessible, it becomes easy to tailor responses for future targeted campaigns as well. However, the marketing team needs to analyze prospect responses carefully; otherwise, the software can prove counterproductive. Some prospects like to receive more information, while others do not want to receive frequent emails. Therefore, even though B2B email marketing software is a very powerful and capable tool, it has to be handled with expert care.