If you are thinking about getting a Bluetooth headset, you should look into the highly acclaimed Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset. Maybe you are in situations where you need to talk without being able to utilize your hands. If you do a lot of driving, having a Bluetooth headset is a really smart and safe option. There are numerous manufacturers that create Bluetooth headsets. They have come in many diverse price ranges, but this one has grown to be the best.

Is The Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset The Right Hands-Free Mobile Phone?

This headset is one of those things that get you excited even before you start out using it. As soon as you throw open the package, the instructions was immediately at the top. You can tell a lot of thought was put into it. Not only was it published in concise language, but even had easy-to-follow lessons and drawings. The head set needed to be recharged for at least thirty minutes before it could actually be used. The headset does indeed look a bit bulky compared to other headsets because it has a hefty battery inside.

After completing the first charge, you can go ahead pair your headset with your cell phone. What was outstanding was that pairing the headset with the phone was effortless. The ease in setting up the Bluetooth headset is what impressed us. There are several different ear tips, so you should find one that fits your ear spot on. You can instantly adjust the microphone dependant on which ear you insert it. After finishing setting up the headset to match your ear, you will want to get 1.5 hours for a full charge.

Once it is charged up, you may want to give it try to see if it operates properly. A very good place to test it is somewhere really busy like a shopping mall. Make several cell phone calls to people you generally call to see if there is any kind of difference from before. From the testimonials of this Bluetooth headset, most people are experiencing much better than ever quality of sound. Second step is to see how well the Bluetooth headset fits in your ears. It would be pointless to own the headset if it is not comfortable. Furthermore, how does it perform if you wear eyeglasses? Even though it may be the best for several people, you still want to check that it is good for you.

There is variety of great reasons why you should consider the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset. Out of the box, you actually will get an ergonomically sound device that accommodates comfortably in your ear. The audio quality, even in the most severe conditions, is excellent. It has an extremely clear and easy-to-understand study manual together with a micro USB port. You additionally have great power controls together with automatic voice prompts. You can converse continuously for around six hours, and even go 5 days without a charge. 

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