If you are interested in having the top-class movie experience with ultra-higher resolution picture with maximum clarity, than Blu Ray is the right solution for you. Blu Ray technology has superseded the DVD technology when it comes to high quality and high resolution videos. Many people have put their DVD players in the dust and enjoying this new and much enhanced technology that provides the ultimate video and sound experience.

If you haven’t got a Blu Ray player yet, you must get one now to avail this new technology. In this article we are going to list the 10 of the most popular and authentic Blu Ray players in the market, that you can buy with no hesitation.

6 Top Class Blu-Ray Players In The World

1. LG BD 590

It is comparatively a very un-conventional player with some of the unique features. One of those many unique features is its 250 GB Hard Drive and its built-in feature to RIP the CD and make it compatible. Other basic features like, high quality images and videos are still there in it.

Price – Under 380 USD

2. Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

This is another in-demand Blu-ray player with 120 GB of storage space that makes it a preferable choice for millions of people around the world. This one has the most sleek and slim design when compared to all the play station models. This is a perfect choice for people who love to both play games and watch high-resolution movies.

Price – Under 299 USD.

3. Samsung BD-C6500

Samsung claims that this one is the fastest Blu Ray player of the world. Most of the experts we have talked to, seem to not agree with the claim though. Even though it is a very compact device with lots of features, claiming it to be the fastest doesn’t seem right. The key feature of this device is the 7.1 Analog Outputs which gives a great sound experience to the consumers.

Price – 250 USD

  1. Panasonic DMP-BD85K

Among all the players we have seen, this provides the best image quality of them all. Some of its best features are, Panasonic`s P4HD chipset, and PHL Chroma Processor Plus which allows it to produce high quality images. The DMP-BD85K has a built-in feature to connect to the WI-Fi that allows the consumers to enjoy online streaming videos in High Resolution.

Price – Under 250 USD

5. Oppo BDP-83

It is considered as the best Blu Ray player out there in the market as of today. The Oppo BDP83 is considered as the benchmark for all the Blu Ray players. It is a Profile 2.0 Universal Blu Ray player that can play CDs, DVDs, SACD and Blu Ray. It outputs the ultra high quality images with high resolution videos on both Blu Ray and DVD.

Price – 500$

6. TotalMedia Theatre by ArcSoft

It is not a physical player but rather software to play Blu ray on PC. TotalMedia Theatre is a ground breaking product from ArcSoft that offers an all-in-one multimedia player that provides the highest quality cinema-like experience to users. This is a very powerful 3d video player that has the capability to play Blu Ray, DVD and AVCHD.

Price – 87.99 USD.

Jony is a freelance writer who hasextensive experience in developing codec’s for media player software. He has been using ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre to play 3d Movies