Forget the delicate pastel pink and blue decorations when you’re planning a baby shower for a fun-loving mom-to-be. Cater to her zany side by throwing her a shower that highlights her unique personality and offbeat sense of humor.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas For The Fun Soon-To-Be Mother

Here are a couple of fun ideas to inspire you:

Make it a Rubber Ducky Good Time

Use a massive honeycomb crepe rubber ducky for the table centerpiece, then adorn the party space with novelty rubber duckies sporting diapers, mustaches, and hats. Yes, you read that correctly. Rubber duckies may be famous for being very mellow and very yellow, but today’s rubber duckies come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

There are sock monkey rubber duckies, cat rubber duckies, and safari animal rubber duckies, none of which are actual ducks, but that’s okay. They make great bath toys and shower favors no matter what shape they’re in. A stuffed autograph duck can be signed by attendees and given to the guest of honor as a keepsake of her ducky shower.

For a fun game, use numbered rubber duckies floating in a small kiddy pool. Guests choose the number of the date they think the baby will be born. When they lift their duck out of the water, there will be another number written on the bottom that corresponds to a small gift or gag prize.

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly to the Baby Shower

Another non-frilly shower theme is the ladybug party. You’ll find all the party supplies you need–including centerpieces, streamers, and party favors–in the ladybug motif, with the ubiquitous beetle sporting her bright red wings with black dots that everyone recognizes.

Hang ladybug paper lanterns from the ceiling, and use contrasting daisies or other simple flowers as additional decorations. Ladybug-adorned bubble bottles with wands and ladybug-shaped paper treat boxes make great prizes. You can play pin the dots on the ladybug for a fun shower game. Don’t forget to order a tiny ladybug costume for the new baby if you know mom is expecting a girl.

The key to hosting a successful but unusual baby shower is catering to the special interests and abilities of the mom-to-be. To help save money on your décor ideas, find deals that can slash prices for you, like Oriental Trading coupons from DiscountTrue. If she loves soccer, or baking, or modern art, find party supplies that relate to those themes. You don’t have to host the same shower or buy the exact same party décor as everyone else. Each expectant mom is unique, and her party should be as distinctive as she is.