POS system is to be introduced in a company-wide scale. Since the scale is large, you’ll be companies often think never fails is not allowed … and. In order to avoid failure also, it is effective to learn the common “failure pattern”.

So, we will introduce some of the all-too-failure cases to case study type. All means in order to choose a system that suits their own, please read.

Learn From Failures, POS System Introduction

use no function is large, it cannot receive support that was enriched to operations management difficult was a system that does not harnessed strengths in their business is not easily expanded to meet the performance Operation it is difficult is, dissatisfaction is ejected from the field I want the advanced uses, did not correspond

(Case 1) used does not feature a lot, it is difficult to operational management

Future, A company that has been you want with the idea to expand the large number of stores, introduced a multi-function, high-performance POS system.

But then, the change of direction in the low-growth strategy in the worsening of economic conditions. Therefore, cooperation with advanced analytics and other systems, such as the unnecessary global support functions.
In addition, therefore has had a diverse menu, it increases the complexity for the system personnel to operational management, it has led to complain that hard to use. As well as continue to pay the expensive maintenance fee until the replacement, now that the system personnel also continue to suffer from these complaints.

(Case 2) the size and scalability of our own also taken into account

As selection condition of the POS system in the B company, a “possible cost”, not only domestically, and introduced as much as possible reduce the costs, including overseas products and used hardware. Cost of maintenance has also been considered not want to spend too much.
However, still trouble inherent after introduction. If the failure occurs in the system, even if it said to be “as somehow in-house in order not multiplied by the cost”, it is either the hardware problem, or networks of, or the system side of the end, and often even if it is not possible to isolate the problem.
After all if such is prolonged work stoppage time, we are not obliged to request the corresponding to the provider company. After all, on the maintenance fee is applied, if it takes time to cope with a lot, to a situation where you say this is not out could impact on customer satisfaction will remain … and. That was introduced without thinking until after the introduction maintenance is now a factor of failure.

It was (Case 3) systems that do not capitalize the strengths in their business

Company C of the retail store. When the group of companies have introduced some successful colors and in the introduction of a POS system in a top-down president. However, high-performance system that is suitable to store the strengths of the system to deal with a wide variety of products in multi-store. In fact, C, Inc. is not a scale to the bottom that would have embarrassed its strengths. Although Company C as is used without any particular problem, consider the cost performance and is not in any way a good thing.
Although to a problem is not at first glance, not only not be taking advantage of the strengths of the system with the original, it was Company C that do not realize that you are wasting the cost.

(Case 4) it is difficult to expand to match the performance

Certain city eateries D company. Introduction food store was a few stores is, expand the prefecture whole area from the fact that was featured in the media. At that time, as the “Let’s based on the firm POS system”, but I have introduced a system “the best at that point in time”, and then succeeded in further large store development across multiple Prefecture.
Longer, beyond the limits of the POS system of the introduction point, to forcibly extended to the period of support out or, or in-house disputes to introduce a new system. After all, it has become to be replacement over a significant cost.

(Case 5) operation is difficult, dissatisfaction from the scene jet

E Company, which chains expand the retail store? Sales of goods in all stores to immediately grasp, to consider a system making for stock quickly selling of goods. POS system is also revamped, in such as high function also touch panel of POS cash register. However, dissatisfaction is ejected by in the field can no longer be intuitive operation.
In addition, also occur, such as an input error, and staff that do not me to enter the customer information you’d like to enter one after another. Whether should be thorough education, but was also investigated in-house, from the viewpoint of employee satisfaction (EC), to be returned to the input style of the street so far. Lack of communication with the site It was trouble invited.

(Case 6) to want a high degree of usage and did not correspond

Newly introduced F Inc., introduced a POS system was. In cooperation with customer information and sales information after the introduction, we like to promote further CRM strategy, although we examined the linkage system, it is found that it is necessary a large development costs. When the POS system introduction, became the result of “introduction purpose” was invited because for that were not able to clear it of “cooperation customer information.”

On the basis of the failures, such as described above, and against the company’s current situation and future direction, Aim to optimal POS system introduction.