WordPress is a widely used web content management system. It also serves as a blogging tool that many bloggers have found useful. Famous individuals and even companies that are globally recognized use WordPress. One thing that makes it popular is that you can download it free. From here, you can proceed to create a business website.

Lifeline Provided by Freely Downloadable Applications

This is a rare lifeline and many a business owner would give anything to use web platforms that are either freely available or whose cost is very minimal. In any case, every business owner looks for and grabs those opportunities that help generate more revenue at low costs.

WordPress and Oracle

Having mentioned the above, you might wonder how WordPress and Oracle relate to each other. To understand how this can be possible, think in terms of business blogs. If you have not yet started running a blog, it is high time you did. Company blogs provide a forum for sharing information about your products or services.

Customer and Business Interaction

Potential customers can read and find out more about your business. In addition, they get an opportunity to give feedback and ask questions. It is through business websites that clients place requests for products and services. Your website also gives insight into what your business stands for.

Oracle Applications for Business

Just like WordPress, Oracle Linux is a free to download application and can work with a number of certified servers, mainframes, desktops and workstations. You will also find Oracle Linux as an appropriate operating system for database management. Hence, your WordPress website can run under an Oracle operating system. This will be like killing two birds with one stone.

Achieving more than you Bargained for

On one hand, you will have a website that markets your business while on the other hand is an operating system that takes care of other computing needs.  Oracle HFM is also known as Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). It is an application designed to utilize internet capabilities and deliver financial reporting, analysis and consolidation.

Critical Role Played by Business Finance

The financial aspect of a business plays a critical role. This is where a business captures and analyzes all business transactions. Through this function, your business is able to meet regulatory needs such as filing of taxes and producing financial reports for audit purposes.

Worthy Risk to Take

The only way you can get the best out of your business operations is by maximizing revenue while minimizing cost. Installing a new finance management system or migrating to a new one may seem like a costly affair. However, when you consider the possible returns on investment, you find this to be a worthy risk.

As you can see, WordPress and Oracle combine in many more ways to help take your business to the next level. The best approach would be to seek advice from IT consultants and finance management experts. You should first identify your business needs, determine how much you are ready to spend and be prepared to train your staff.