If you find that your career no longer has meaning, if it ever did, you might want to consider a career change. But how do you find a more meaningful career? Here are some tips from Creative Vision Coaching, a career coaching in Philadelphia company.


Ask yourself – what matters to you?

If you want to find a more meaningful career, you ought to give some real thought as to what really matters to you. What are your passions? Do you like crafts, sports, gardening? What books and magazines do you read, news shows that you watch, or types of music do you listen to? What causes do you give to, and work for? How do you feel that you have made a mark in the world, and how would you like to make a mark in the world?

For example, if you are an accountant who is bored with your day job, but you have rescue dogs, spend your time looking at dog videos, and volunteer at your local animal shelter, perhaps you could think of a way to make a career out of your love of dogs. Organizations like the Humane Society do have paid positions for managers, accountants, and the like. It could be a way to use your time and talents to find a more fulfilling career using both your skills and interests.

So get some pen and paper, or use your computer, and think about what you are passionate about, and how you could possibly turn that into a career. Write down ways that you could potentially find more meaning in your life.

How can you find more Meaning in your Career?

There are ways that you can find more meaning to your career. First of all, as previously referenced, you could continue to do your current career, but for different people.  Maybe you are a public relations specialist in the corporate world, and decide to take your talents to the nonprofit sector. Perhaps you are a teacher who moves from working with rich kids to dealing with poor children in the inner city.

The second is to find a completely new career, using your interests, and using skills you already have, as well as skills that you pick up now.  You might have to go back to school, or take a training class or apprenticeship to get to that newer career, one that you might find more meaningful. But it is something to consider, to make sure that you have the career that makes you happy.

Talking to a Professional in Career Coaching in Philadelphia or elsewhere may help

One thing you might want to consider is to talk to an expert in career coaching in Philadelphia or wherever you live. The professional can draw out your interest and talents, and discuss with you a variety of options for creating a career that makes you happy, and provides more meaning to your life. A career coach can help you get a grasp on how to do so.

Lisa Swan writes for a variety of websites and blogs.