The lives of delivery drivers is not an easy one, with long hours spent on the road while rushing to meet deadlines. Comfort inside the vehicle is thus important not only because it makes the trips more tolerable but also helps reduce injuries that could develop in the long term.

Here are some of the more effective ways by which delivery drivers can stay more comfortable while hauling their loads to and from their various destinations.


Stay sober and rested

Never underestimate the effects of staying up late at night or getting drunk the night before. A clear and well-rested mind not only results in a healthier body but also greatly reduces the chances that the driver gets involved in a serious accident.

Take time to stretch more

Delivery drivers need to take every opportunity to stretch their arms, legs and hips when they can. A few seconds of slow, deliberate stretching will help unclog blood vessels and limber muscles, ultimately reducing tension and the chances of cramps or muscle tears.

Keep rear pockets empty

Something as innocuous as a wallet or even a relatively thick handkerchief could cause substantial pain after sitting in place for hours on end. This is why it is highly recommended that delivery drivers either carry a small pouch to hold their belongings or leave them in a locked glove compartment for later use.

Use a lumbar support pillow

Lumbar support rolls are designed to ease the weight off the curve of the back. This allows a driver to sit at an angle that is comfortable, as sitting completely straight up puts a lot of pressure on the back’s curve that can lead to painful back problems later on in life.

Make more left turns

What does planning a left-turn intensive route have to do with comfort while driving? Simple: making more lefts allows delivery drivers to keep driving at a steady pace since they can bypass traffic lights that would normally force them to stop and wait in the middle of traffic. This not only reduces time spent in traffic but can also reduce gas expenses since the vehicle will keep coasting instead of stopping and starting all the time.

Lower the steering wheel

Setting the steering wheel too high will be painful on the arms and wrists. The muscles in the arms will get tired of supporting the weight of the whole arm while the sharp angle of the wrists will cause great discomfort in the long run. This is why delivery drivers need to lower the steering wheel so that the elbow is bent and level with the sternum while the angle of the wrists is flush with the steering wheel itself.

‘Swing’ when entering the vehicle – standing up, bending over and squeezing into the driver’s seat can pull a muscle and cause injuries over time. The proper and comfortable way to get into the seat is to face away from the driver’s seat, sit down, and swing the whole body to align with the front of the vehicle.

Keep these simple tips in mind and delivery drivers will have a much easier time handling their deliveries in the long term.